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New Year Resolutions

It’s new years eve! Only 4 hours and 51 minutes until 2010. I’m actually kind of sad that 2009 is almost over, its been a pretty good year.

Very soon my friends and I are leaving for a HUGE new years eve party tonight.  The guy who is hosting the party has a really big house so he invited like over 150 people, it’s gonna be great!

Last weekend a couple of my friends; Erin, Rachel, Nikki, Cameryn and I went shopping for outfits to wear to the party. I don’t mean to brag or anything but I think that we all look AMAZING, even Cameryn (I’ll explain later). They all came over early so we could get ready together. Do our hair and makeup and stuff. I’d post the pictures that we took but no one knows about my blog and I don’t plan on telling anyone so I don’t have their permission to post their pictures. Maybe I’ll post the ones of just me but we’ll see.

So without further ado, here are my new year resolutions for 2010:

  1. Take my school stuff more seriously
  2. Study a lot more and a lot harder
  3. Spend less time on the computer
  4. Join a sport of some kind so I don’t look as pathetic during gym
  5. Get a boyfriend (hopefully)
  6. Stop judging people so fast
  7. Stop arguing with my parents
  8. Be more respectful to my elders (teachers, strangers, parents)
  9. Stop arguing with my siblings
  10. Get a new job
  11. Start reading a lot more than I do
  12. Help out more around the house
  13. Start a scrapbook or something like that
  14. Spend more time with my mom
  15. Start following the rules at school and home
  16. Continue writing this blog even if no one reads it
  17. Actually pay attention during class
  18. Stop swearing as much as I do
  19. Volunteer at some places
  20. Learn how to play the guitar

And there are probably a lot more but that’s all I can think of at the moment.




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Hi, my name is Olivia Lacky (you can call me Livi) and I am a junior in highschool. I don’t really have a reason for starting this blog other then me being bored on this particular day (December 30, 2009). I’ve been thinking about it for a little while and the idea of having my own blog seemed…interesting. I was planning on starting it in the new year of 2010 but I just couldn’t wait. So welcome to my blog about anything and everything worth writing about that goes on in my life.

About me:

So, my name is Olivia, I’ve already mentioned that. My parents names are Elise and Matthew. I have an older brother named Joel who is 26. Joel has a wife named Grace and a son named Ethan Matthew who is almost 2. Grace is 32 weeks pregnant with another baby boy who will be joining the family very soon. I have an older sister named Ashley who is 24. She has a husband named Scott (they are “newly weds”)and a 3 month old baby girl named Savannah Elise Hall. I have another older sister named Laura who is 17 and she has a boyfriend named Max. And I have younger (girl/boy/girl) triplet siblings named Kara, Jonathan and Chloe who are all 13.

So um….now what? Oh, well two of our highschool in our city are going to be “mushed” together just after christmas break. Almost a year ago they started expanding our school and in January the other highschool will be “moving in” with us since both of the schools have a small population so it just makes more sense to put us all together. And that’s about all I have to blog about for now.



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