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If you’ve checked out the comments that were left on my previous post then you would of noticed that Laura left one. How did she find my blog….you’ll have to ask her. Maybe she’ll leave another comment (eye roll).

Devin and I went to the movies last night and he paid for everything! He wanted me to pick the movie but I didn’t want to make him sit through “When In Rome” so we both agreed on Sherlock Holmes. Good movie :) Were going to do something again next time were both not working.

Work today was crazy! There was a 50th birthday going on with like 30 people and then there was another party with 15 eight year olds who took the liberty of running around the restaurant…until their food came. They were all like high on sugar or something and I got a lot of complaints because of them. Their parents didn’t seem to mind though. One of the kids ran right into a waitress carrying a plate of food and all the food went all over the floor. I felt so bad fer her but of course she didn’t get into any trouble cuz it wasn’t her fault. Nikki almost got knocked over, lol.



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Well last night, I had to take out the garbage. I went upstairs to get the garbage from the bathroom and guess what I found. A pregnancy test.

A PREGNANCY TEST THAT SAID “PREGNANT”. I don’t think that my mom is pregnant since she’s too old. Chloe and Kara can’t possibly be pregnant cuz…well, if one of them is then they are in a lot of trouble. It can’t be Ashley because if she did take a test then it would be in the garbage at her house and it is definitely NOT me. So who’s left…hmm…aha, its Laura. Though Laura has always been really mature and if you knew her, this would be the last mistake that you would ever possibly think she’d make.

What I did when I found the pregnancy test? Well, the first thing I did was confront Laura about it and believe me, she was not in the mood for it. I pretty much walked into her room and said: “I found this” then she told me to mind my own business. How in the hell was I suppose to “mind my own business” when my sister was pregnant???? We yelled at eachother a little more and then she told me all the details.

Just to sum it up for you, nobody knows except for her, Max and now me of course. I asked about whats going on with Max since I haven’t seen or heard from him for the past couple of weeks other then school. Even at school they haven’t been acting normal. She just said that they were both really stressed about the “situation” and that they don’t no what to do about it though abortion is not an option for them. She made me swear for like 20 minutes not to tell ANYONE. Honestly, when she is planning on tell our parents, I don’t no but I am 99% sure that I will be the one to blurt it out.

Thats about all I no other then she is 6 weeks…or is it 7? I’m not sure. I’ll update later,

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Isn’t this a pretty picture?

*I do not own this*

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Just a quick post since I’m leaving for work soon.
Grace went to the doctor today for another check up. The doctor said that he is 90% sure that it is NOT twins. He hears only ONE heartbeat and he can only see ONE baby so looks like she’s having her little boy…that she was originally having. They will be naming him Logan Richard (Richard after Grace’s dad) and that is all I no!

Devin and I are gonna go to the movies this friday since were both not working on that day. Not sure what movie were going to see yet though. I’m just a really happy girl right now who can’t stop smiling :)

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I asked him…

Today was my first day working at Moxie’s. It was pretty good and luckily, Nikki and I were both working today so she was able to introduce me to everyone…and everything. I finished work at 7 and the first thing I did was come home and update this blog.
So today was interesting, you know, with what happened yesterday while snowboarding. At lunch, I decided that I would just spend it in the library (no one is really ever there) so I could hide from the questions and drama that Lily would probably of caused. When I first got up there, I got a text from Devin asking:“Where are u?” so I told him where I was and then he showed up in the library…with me…alone :D
Don’t worry, I’m not going to write out our conversation like I do for EVERY convo that I have since its too long, so I’ll just tell you the basics.
He came over and sat down across from me, apologized for what happened yesterday and he asked me if I was pissed. I told him I wasn’t and that I was sorry too. I honestly didn’t understand what he thought I’d be pissed about. Anyway, it was the perfect moment to ask him if he had a girlfriend or more importantly, if he was with Lily. So I did:
Me: So I have a question
Devin: And what’s your question?
Me: I don’t mean to be nosey or anything but are you and Lily…together?
Devin: No! You thought we were together?
Me: I don’t no. She just seemed like she was attached to you. Remember on the first day back after christmas break?
Devin: Oh yeah. Well she has a boyfriend now, she didn’t back then but she has one now
Me: Ok, so do you have a girlfriend (at the moment, I was like: Olivia, Shut your freaking mouth)
Devin: Um…No, you?
Me: Me neither

And then I thought I saw him smile!!!!! So we continued to talk for the rest of the lunch hour and guess what! He asked me out…again. We’re not sure where we’re gonna go this time (Probably the movies) but the important thing is, we’re going out AGAIN!

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Nikki, Kyle, Rachel and I went snowboarding today.  It was fun until Ray and I ran into somebody :(

So Rachel and I were sitting in the lodge waiting to meet back up with Kyle & Nikki (There together) and guess who walks in. Nope, it wasn’t Devin but we will get to him later. It was Lily…dun dun dun duh…. lol!

Now no one knows about me and Devin except for Cam since she found my blog, so I pretended not to notice that Lily walked in. Rachel didn’t notice her at all because she doesn’t even no who the hell she is. Lily obviously reconized me since she came over and sat down beside Rachel. Rachel looked at me like “Who the hell is this?”.

The long conversation (sorry bout that)

Lily: Hey Livi!
Me: Hey Lily (Of course I acted like I liked her)
Lily: So you guys skiing?
Me: Snowboarding
Lily: Same. So who are you guys here with?
Me: Nikki, Kyle, me and this is Rachel
Rachel: Hi
Lily: Heey (she was acting like a complete…airhead?)
Me: Who are you here with?

This is where she starts to get bitchy (Pardon my launguage)

Lily: hmm…wondering about Devin?
Me: Um…you just asked us who were here with so I’m asking you the same (Rachel was confused)
Lily: Sure okay. I’m here with Ben, Jake, Colin and Dev (Ooo, the way she said Dev)
Me: Okay
Rachel: So whos Devin? (She just had to ask)
Lily: Oh, you don’t no?
Rachel: (still confused) No….should I?
Lily: I don’t no but Devin and Livi have been going out (If you don’t no then keep your mouth shut)
Me: Okay no. We went out once and that wasn’t even a date (YES IT WAS, YES IT WAS)
Rachel: You never told me this
Lily: Oh look, the boys are back (Great)

Jake, Ben, Colin and Devin walk in. I guess Devin saw the pissed off I was giving Lily cuz he looked kind of worried.

Lily: Hey guys!
Devin: Hey, what are you guys talking about?
Lily: I was just telling Rachel about you and Livi
Devin: (He looked at me) Oh
Colin: What about you and Livi?
Ben: Who’s Livi?
Jake: She sounds hot (Haha, the look Lily gave Jake)
Me: Um…I’m Livi
Jake: Oh, I remember you. I saw you talking with Dev talking at the party…Oh, you two are together?
Me: No (I wish)
Ben: Then what about you and Livi?
Devin: Nothing. Lily, how do you even no about that?
Lily: About what?
Devin: Would you stop playing stupid?
Lily: Fine, I was there
Devin: Stalking me?
Lily: NO (YES)

Guess who walks in next. Nikki and Kyle.

Nikki: Finally, we’ve been looking for you guys (Talking to me and Ray)
Me: I think we’d better go
Nikki: Why?
(Awkward pause, everyone was staring at me)
Nikki: Why, whats going on?
Me: Nothing
Nikki: (Looks at Ray)
Rachel: I have no idea
Lily: Oh, I’ll tell you. Livi and Devin have been…
Me: Do you not no how to shut up?
Nikki: Wait, who’s Devin?
Devin: I’m Devin
Nikki: Oh
Kyle: Liv’s right, I think we should leave

And so we left. When we got in the car Nikki said: Okay, what the hell was that about? then Ray said: Tell us everything…now! So I did.

Honestly, I have no idea why I wanted to keep it a secret in the first place but…IDK! Anyway, now I have to deal with Lily and everyone else tomorrow, great…

Sorry for the long post,

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Happy Birthday Ethan!

Ethan turned two today! Happy Birthday Big Boy!

This picture was taken when Grace and Joel found out that they were expecting again!


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