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2 weeks together!

I may sound like one of those obsessed girlfriends… maybe I am one but I’m okay with it. If you take a look at my ticker thing on my side bar, it says that it has been 2 weeks that we have been together :D

Dev brought me over to his house yesterday to meet his parents and I’ll admit that I was extremely nervous about it.
I’m starting to think that Paige is “Devin’s Chloe” because Paige was the one that told them about me. I’ve noticed some other similarities as well though the only difference is that Paige isn’t annoying but she’s very hyper! I love tat girl :)
So I met his mom and she seemed really nice but I don’t really know what she thinks of me. Their dad was away on business so I didn’t get to meet him. Secretly, I was very happy about him not being there. One parent at a time please, lol! She did ask me if I wanted to stay for dinner but I couldn’t because I had to work.

When I got home, my mom asked me where I had been during the afternoon. I told her that I was at my boyfriends house meeting his mom. She said “So when do I get to meet him?”. I just said that I didn’t know. She then asked if I would tell her his name. I said no but then Chloe skipped in and told her that it was Devin. I was really surprised when Laura stepped in for me but I bet you that that was because she’s still pissed at Chloe for announcing to everyone that she’s pregnant. She can hold a grudge! She said to Chloe “Haven’t you said enough?” and then gave her the dirtiest look. Chloe looked so scared, HA!

Now for a picture.
Isn’t this sweet?

Prom night maybe!


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I’ve been bugged

Ever since I posted that note I made for Cameryn on her birthday, Nikki has been bugging me to make one for her. Well, she’s driven me crazy the last couple of days so I finally wrote one for her!

Dear Nikki,

I am so sorry that you feel so left out and unimportant since you didn’t receive a letter from me on your birthday so here it goes. Happy birthday… again! I’ll never forget the time you called me a stupid blonde b*tch when we were in a fight and told me not to be offended by it because it was a good thing. I still question that. Now that I think about it, I’m still waiting for an apology. Any day now Nikki, any day!

                                                                                           Love the lovely Livi

I’d also like to thank Cameryn for the reply she left me on her blog.

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I’m in love with this

I’m in love with this picture. Gorgeous, ain’t it?This reminds me of the time when Laura and I were about 8-9 years old and our grandpa took us for a walk on the old train tracks by his house. Me not knowing that they were old and not used anymore. Laura and I were walking just like this on the sides having an argument while our grandpa was behind us. I ended up getting my shoe stuck in the track and I really couldn’t get it out. Instead of helping, Laura told me that she could hear a train coming in the distance and if I didn’t get my shoe out in time, they would have to leave me there so they wouldn’t get run over.

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Best site ever! http://wehearit.com/

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Oh look, another post!

An hour and a half ago I came upstairs to do my homework but I got carried away and spent that whole time looking up pictures. I’ve found about 15 that I am in LOVE with. I’m going crazy with this blog! Can’t wait for Wordless Wednesday!

I’m thinking this could be Cameryn with Avery in about 4 or 5 years. What do you think?

Mommy and a Little Lady

Homework time, yay!

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Poor guy :(

Devin and I were at Starbucks today getting me some coffee and there was a little bit of a line. A couple of people down, there was a couple about our age, maybe a little older. His girlfriend was like pawing at him and she was complaining about how he was being cheap, how her valentine’s day gifts weren’t expensive and how the restaurant they went to on valentine’s day wasn’t fancy enough. She also went on about how her ex-boyfriend gave better gifts.
Everyone was listening to her ramble on and her boyfriend, probably ex now, looked so embarrased. Devin and I looked at eachother and he said, quote: “Please don’t ever do that to me”. Aww, I would never!
I really felt bad for the guy. I hope for his sake… and hers that he broke up with her outside the coffee place right then and there in front of everyone. If not then my advice to him/you (if your reading this) is do it soon!!!!!

Before I finished this post I’d like to say Happy 23ird B-day Ashley Greene. Yes yes, I am a Twilight fan…!

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