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Don't look at me!

It was time for me to go back to school today. You know, these past two weeks, I have never ever wanted to go to school so badly because I was bored out of my mind and stuck with a complaining pregnant lady but now that Avery has arrived and they’re all home, I wouldn’t have minded staying home today at all… or for the rest week. 

So what’s with the title you may ask? Well, on this particular day which I have to return to my lovely school, I inconveniently developed a zit on my forehead. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a zit. Now, why it couldn’t have popped up any other day within the past 2 weeks is a question I am still asking myself so do yourselves a favour and don’t look at me!

I have a zit :'(

Remember how I was telling you about Erin’s boyfriend Tyler who broke up with her through text because he was supposedly in love with the girl named Kimberly who I said had multiple boyfriends all at once? Well to some-what prove my point to you, Erin and I caught “Kimmy Baby” kissin’ another guy today at lunch which Tyler had no idea about. If I ever caught one of my friends’ girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on the other then what I would do is tell them of course but because I don’t like Tyler, I’ll just let him figure it out for himself. Erin was really pissed off about it because she can’t believe Tyler would break up with her for someone like Kim. I don’t blame her and I feel really bad for her. Aw, Erin :(

Cameryn and Avery came home last night from the hospital and we had lots of friends and family over to see the baby. Cam put Avery in her crib once she fell asleep for the night but stood around the room for a couple of minutes and then picked her right back up again. She just couldn’t leave her, aw, so sweet.


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I thought I would do a little update on Cam, Luke and Avery. The doctor says they should be able to go home tomorrow night and if not, then Monday morning at the latest.
We’ve all agreed that Avery looks A LOT like Cameryn, the eyes especially. Can you believe that Luke and Cameryn are parents? Uh, it’s just so weird to me but I think they’re going to do a wonderful job. Luke just can’t get enough of her but I don’t blame him cuz she is just so damn cute.
Cam’s not sure if she wants to post pictures yet so I’ll have to wait until she gives me the go ahead or not.

Now for my new favourite song:

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Avery Jane Brentin

She’s here, I just finished holding her and she is so damn gorgeous.
Avery Jane Brentin
7lbs 10oz
19 inches
4:07 pm

Aw, I’m so proud of both of them and they did so well during those long 11 hours of labor. I’m surprised Luke made it :P
Cam and Luke spent about 20 minutes alone in their room before anyone got to see and hold her. The “grand parents”, including my parents got to go in first and then they let in everyone else.
The hospital was pretty crowded with family and lots of friends from school. Danny and Mason got themselves kicked out of the hospital by a nurse because they were throwing a ball around and “rough housing” (spelling?). That was pretty funny, poor guys!

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Blogging in the moment

Right now, it is 1:12 pm and I am sitting on the couch in the basement on Laura’s laptop. Shh, don’t tell her. I’ve been home all day because I’m still recovering from my surgery… boring! “It worked out great” because I get to look after Cam for this next week while everyone is at school and work.

As you all should know, Cameryn is about to have her baby in about 4-6 days and she’s very grumpy because she is uncomfortable. She looks like she’s about to blow. Haha!

Anyway, let me explain what this post title is all about. What I’m going to do is go upstairs and bug Cameryn and while I do that, I’ll be typing out our conversation. That is why I call it “Blogging in the moment”.

I am ascending the stair case…

I am walking through the hall to her bedroom…

I have just sat down in the chair across from Cam’s bed where the lovely Cameryn can be found.
Here we go:

Me: Hey Cami, whats up?
Cam: Mmmmmmm (Moans)
Me: Okay then…
Cam: (Moans) Can you get me some juice?
Me: After you answer a couple of questions
Cam: What do you want?
Me: Well.. whats up?
Cam: I want juice
Me: …And what if I told you we had no more juice?
Cam: Ugh, then I’ll have water
Me: What if I told you there were no more drinks left on earth?
Cam: (Dirty look) What the hell, Olivia?
Me: Well, what would you do?
Cam: What would I do if WHAT?
Me: What would you do if I told you the earth ran out of drinks?
Cam: …What would you do if I told you I was going to slap you in the face?
Me: Then I wouldn’t get you juice
Cam: Can you please just get me some juice now?
Me: Can you say please?
Me: Are you sure?
Cam: YES!
Me: Can you say that nicely?
Cam: Say what nicely?
Me: Bread!
Cam: …Huh?

And I got her some juice before she coupld slap me.
You can tell I’m bored, right?

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Talented girls

I’ve recently heard and immediately fell in love with the song When I Look At You by Miley Cyrus. I’m not usually a fan of her music except for this song and a couple others. I was about to post the song with its music video but I came across these two girls who did a cover to the song. One sang and the other played the piano. I really think they’re both extremely talented and the one that is singing has a gorgeous voice.
Oh and the girl that is playing the piano is Olivia too!

They both remind me quite a bit of Rachel because of their accents. Rachel is originally from England as well and she has a pretty thick accent but not as thick as theirs. I love it :)

I’ve been playing piano since I was 6 and I think I’m going to learn it on the piano. I have the time for it since I can’t go back to school for another week. I’ll have to get Rachel or Nikki to sing to it for me!

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I call the blonde…

…and Nikki, you can be the brunette :)

 Nikki and I both have an obbsession with wearing sunglasses, we wear them any chance we get. This picture just reminds me of that.

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