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I don’t want to turn this into a long, long post mostly because I don’t feel like typing right now.

Basically what happened was I woke up Saturday morning with some pain in my right side, diarrhea and lots of gas. By the time I got to my dance rehearsal that night, it was getting really bad that I couldn’t even stand up straight. Just to be sure it was nothing serious, someone rushed me to the hospital and it turned out that it was serious and I had Appendicitis which meant I had to get my appendix removed a.s.a.p.


When I woke up Sunday in the hospital after my surgery, all my friends, including Devin, were there and they even made me a card that everyone signed. It was really sweet. The rest of the time I was in the hospital, Devin stayed with me the whole time and he even got to meet my parents. My mom was very enthusiastic about that!


I spent 2 & a half days in total at the hospital and then I finally got to go home. When we got home, Devin helped me from the car and into the house. He set me down on the couch beside Cam and my dad and him got talking… about sports, what else with my dad? They seemed to be really getting along which is a good thing. A very good thing ;)

The doctor says that I need a lot of bed rest and I should “lay-low” in the house for 2-3 weeks. Uh-huh, good luck with that. My parents said the same thing!

So I’ve been forced to “lay-low” today which hasn’t been that bad because I’ve been sleeping a lot. Also, Devin, who hasn’t left my side since the hospital, is still here with me. I think my mom really likes him and I know that my dad does. Sports, sports, sports!

Jonathon tried to steal him away today for a bit to play WII with him when he thought I was sleeping but Dev decided to stay with me, aww :D Good lord, he must be so bored because all he’s done since Sunday is look after me and he even rubbed my feet for like an hour. That was nice! And also, it’s March break right now which means we have the whole week off of school so getting surgery at this time is very inconvenient for me… and Dev. Everyone is out living a life while I’m stuck in the house!

Oh my gosh… I just remembered that I won’t be able to dance for another 3-4 weeks and we have some competitions coming up and UGH, this is so frustrating. Okay, gotta go. I need to rant to Dev about this. Haha, just kidding!

Yesterday, Miss Savannah turned 6 months old and 2 days ago, Miss Violet turned one month oldĀ :) I’d post pictures but I don’t feel comfortable putting them up for everyone to see, sorry.

10 more days until Miss Avery comes!
Love the lovely


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