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Haven’t had a real update in a little bit because I’m still insanely busy. I have a dance competition on the coming Saturday. We had a long, and I mean long rehearsal yesterday. It started at 2 and we didn’t finish until 9:30 ish. That’s cuz we suck like shit. We all need to be back for another rehearsal today for 11:30 which I have to take off work for. I was supposed to start work at 1. Only god knows how long this one will last. My body is exhausted. I just wanna lay down and die. fgdfdsdfhb.

The triplets are graduating grade 8 in a little over a week. Chloe has a dress already but Kara doesn’t. She absolutely hates getting dressed up so she’s been very difficult during the whole process of finding her a dress or skirt. My mom has tried taking her shopping plenty of times, so has Ashley, so has Laura and now it’s my turn. It’s just NO NO NO to everything. Kara be prepared because tomorrow night we are going dress shopping whether you like it or not and we will NOT be coming home until we find one. Understood?

Erin slept over Friday night. We both woke up early in the morning wide awake and sleepless. Erin was begging me to see Get Him To The Greek with her. I couldn’t because I had the dance rehearsal. She suggested going to one of the morning shows. We ended up going to the 10:05 am show and NOBODY was in the theater.. so we had fun with it. Erin sat at the very top and I sat in the very bottom row and worked my way up switching seats throughout the movie. We had races during commercials; jumping over all the rows of seats and seeing who could make it to the bottom first. We even played tag for a bit. The movie was hilarious. I think I’ma see that one again.


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Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I’ve been extremely busy studying as it was finals week last week. Eh, I didn’t do as well as I thought I would. It was Brookie’s birthday on the first of June then my older brother celebrated his birthday on the third. Happy birthday to you guys. I’ve also been very busy with dance; some performances and a competition coming up meaning lots and lots of rehearsals. And I still have to work too. I’ve barely spent any time with my friends or even my boyfriend. Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing planned so I’m spending the entire day with Dev :) Just me and him.

My mom made me go to the grocery store to pick up a few things on Wednesday night. I really didn’t want to go because I was tired, I had to study and I felt like she was being unreasonable so I forced Chloe to come with me just to piss her off. I do that a lot. If I am mad about something, I’ll sometimes make someone else (one of my siblings) mad too just to somewhat satisfy myself. Yes guys, I am that much of a bitch.
Because I was in a rush to get into the grocery store and get out, I was moving quickly. I walked straight into the automatic sliding doors. So, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never underestimate those doors. Just because they’re automatic doesn’t mean they’ll open for you at the right moment.

I now have a bump on my forehead. Looks great.

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Good Timing

I’ve been quite “busy” lately. Well actually I’ve been spending most of my time finding ways to get out of the house.

I did end up telling my mom where I really was on Valentine’s day night. She wanted to know his name but the deal (if you could call it that) was to tell her where I was and then I could leave the house. No name!

Yesterday, our school volleyball team, which Rachel, Erin and myself are on, had a tournament. Nikki and Cam came to watch. We won second…eh!

Now you’ve probably been asking yourself what “Good Timing” is all about. Well, I am a dancer. I’ve been one ever since I was three. Started out as a ballerina, moved onto Jazz, did Contemporary and now I do everything. Okay, not everything… but a lot! That clarifies things, doesn’t it? Well, my partner, also known as Danny but not my friend Danny who I’ve already mentioned, the other Danny. Let’s just call him Dancer Danny or Danny#2. YEAH! Danny#2 works! Well, he got hurt back in December of 09 but now he is back and ready to start dancing with ME again. Lord, how I’ve missed my dance!!! So, we started rehearsing last wednesday, felt good and it was also a good excuse to get out of the house! My parents are still not the happiest people to be around :s

If you look at the sidebar, you will see a new ticker that is counting up the days that Dev and I have been together. Right now, it’s been five!!!!!

So yeah, that pretty much covers my past week since Tuesday when I last updated. Oh, Violet and Grace came home from the hospital Tuesday night, there is somethin’. Um… Laura is 10 weeks preggers today, there is somethin’ else. Now I’m just babbling so I guess I’ll end my post now, lucky you!!! Haha!

Love the lovely

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