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Remember my post a while back when Erin’s boyfriend Tyler broke up with her for a sl*t named Kim? And then another post when Erin and I caught Kim making out with another guy who was not Tyler? Well guess what happened today!? Kim broke up with Tyler in front of everyone. I actually feel bad about this, so does Erin. Poor guy looked so stupid :(

Nikki’s over here right now along with her sis Alexa who happens to be Chloe & Kara’s friend. Nikki just noticed that Lex is wearing her shirt and they’re arguing about it. Hell, I noticed it was Nikki’s the moment I saw her but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna hear them fight. Here we go.. :/

I found this quote/picture a while ago (first picture above), then I lost it but found it again :D Isn’t it the sweetest thing ever?

I was at Dev’s house yesterday and his cat Lulu climbed on to his lap. Not even a minute after she showed up, she puked all over him and it was quite a bit of puke for a small kitty. Devin got mad and hit her away.

Paige then says “It’s not her fault, don’t hurt her”.

Devin replies “How was it not her fault? She puked on me!”.

Paige then replies “It’s not her fault that she hates you, you’re so mean to her. And it was only a hairball, no big deal”

Devin says “That was not just a hairball! Are you blind Paige? I’m full off the cats crap! Someone has been feeding her lots of our food”

Paige says “Okay okay, I may of given her a fair portion of my dinner. I didn’t like those meatballs.. and I didn’t want to waste any food. You know Devin, there are lots of people dying of starvation, we are lucky to have what we have and you should be more appreciative”

Haha, they’re soo funny when they argue. I just can’t stop laughing. Paige tells me that they have a bad relationship- Dev and the cat, lol!


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Saturday’s Quote;

What do you think?

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