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School is over! Yay! So I’ve gone from being completely busy to having nothing to do and having absolutely nothing to post about. Picture post? … I think so.


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glee season finale tonight at 9. anyone watching?

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I came upstairs to do my homework right after dinner. Yeah.. that was an hour and a half ago. What have I been doing? I’ve been crazy in-love with reading the MyLifeIsAverage website. Thank you Erin for showing it to me. Next time you’re bored then I highly suggest you pay MLIA a visit.

So during that time of procrastinating, I found a really good one that I would love to share with you. It’s not one of the many “funny”ones that I’ve come across but it is just so damn frigging smart!!!!

“Today, in order to send my friend Erika a letter without using a stamp i put my address as the destination and put her’s in the return address. they “returned” it to her because it had no stamp. I feel like i have beat the system. MLIA”

Amazing, eh? I will definitely be trying that sometime soon.

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Have you ever had a dream that you were sitting on a giant golden toilet having a pee… and then you wake up? I did last night.

Even if you haven’t, I think you can all guess what happens once you wake up… 

I love, LOVE pictures!!!!

Simple pleasures of mine:

♥  Getting caught in the rain just as long as my hair doesn’t get ruined

♥  Receiving a letter and/or a package in the mail

♥  When my favourite song comes on the radio

♥  Waking up in the middle of the night thinking it’s time to get up for something you don’t want to go to (like school)but then realizing you have 3 more hours of sleep left

♥  Putting on clothes straight from the dryer

♥  Laughing so hard, your sides hurt

♥  Running through a big open field as fast as you can in your bare feet

♥  The smell of gasoline in a garage

♥  Holding hands with someone you love

♥  Crying because your so happy

♥ Dancing and singing terribly at the top of your lungs

Lost the link :(

I’ve been quite… fragile lately. Sure, I guess you could say that.

~ I went to warm some food up but the microwave wouldn’t start.
I cried for no reason.

~ I went to get a pair of jeans from the dryer but they were still wet.
I had tears in my eyes.

~ Kara spilled a little but of water on me.
I got mad at her, went upstairs and then almost cried

I don’t know whats wrong with me because there is nothing wrong. I am happy. I have a boyfriend who I love. I’m almost done healing from my surgery.  I’m back dancing. I’m working again. I’m at school. Cameryn had a baby and she’s adorable.

Gorgeous, ain’t it? Unfortunatly, I don’t have the link!

Criminal Minds is on tonight at 7:00 pm on A&E
Watch it.
Love it.
Leave a comment HERE about it.
And thank me later.

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P.S. I love you

Devin and I watched P.S. I love you last night on TV. He thought it was sappy but I thought it was beautiful.

snowmen – couple – camera – kitty

kitty- uggs - shoes - black & white


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I’m in love with this

I’m in love with this picture. Gorgeous, ain’t it?This reminds me of the time when Laura and I were about 8-9 years old and our grandpa took us for a walk on the old train tracks by his house. Me not knowing that they were old and not used anymore. Laura and I were walking just like this on the sides having an argument while our grandpa was behind us. I ended up getting my shoe stuck in the track and I really couldn’t get it out. Instead of helping, Laura told me that she could hear a train coming in the distance and if I didn’t get my shoe out in time, they would have to leave me there so they wouldn’t get run over.

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Oh look, another post!

An hour and a half ago I came upstairs to do my homework but I got carried away and spent that whole time looking up pictures. I’ve found about 15 that I am in LOVE with. I’m going crazy with this blog! Can’t wait for Wordless Wednesday!

I’m thinking this could be Cameryn with Avery in about 4 or 5 years. What do you think?

Mommy and a Little Lady

Homework time, yay!

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