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This has nothing to do with Laura, I just ♥ this song :)


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Isn’t this a pretty picture?

*I do not own this*

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One, it’s not Wednesday and Two, it won’t be Wordless.

I was trying to make a Wordless Wednesday post yesterday but I couldn’t figure out how to add a picture. Now I do so I will just have to save it for next Wednesday.

So, I don’t really have much to update about other than its been about 3 days (I think) since I last updated it. Pretty good, eh?

I’ve been texting/talking to Paige for a little bit, she’s hilarious, lol. I haven’t asked her about Devin yet since I keep chickening (<< Is that a word?) out each time. Though we have been making “small talk” in the halls and at lunch.

Cameryn is having some issues with Luke right now but I won’t get into that. That’s her job.

Laura has been really grumpy lately. I think there’s something going on between her and Max (her boyfriend) but she won’t tell me anything as usual…or even talk to me. Apparently all she can do is yell. Oh, I ended up having to buy her a new shirt since I wore it out (without asking) to the movies one day and stained it. Um…Yesterday I tried to get Laura to teach me how to play the guitar…that was a no. So then I tried begging and bribing her and that turned into an even bigger NO :( Her and Kara are really close and she even got mad at her so I don’t no what her problem is.

My teachers have been loading me with lots of homework lately. I have so much to do but instead I’ve been on Facebook, MSN and here, of course.

Hopefully next Wednesday I can actually make it Wordless, lol!


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