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Haven’t had a real update in a little bit because I’m still insanely busy. I have a dance competition on the coming Saturday. We had a long, and I mean long rehearsal yesterday. It started at 2 and we didn’t finish until 9:30 ish. That’s cuz we suck like shit. We all need to be back for another rehearsal today for 11:30 which I have to take off work for. I was supposed to start work at 1. Only god knows how long this one will last. My body is exhausted. I just wanna lay down and die. fgdfdsdfhb.

The triplets are graduating grade 8 in a little over a week. Chloe has a dress already but Kara doesn’t. She absolutely hates getting dressed up so she’s been very difficult during the whole process of finding her a dress or skirt. My mom has tried taking her shopping plenty of times, so has Ashley, so has Laura and now it’s my turn. It’s just NO NO NO to everything. Kara be prepared because tomorrow night we are going dress shopping whether you like it or not and we will NOT be coming home until we find one. Understood?

Erin slept over Friday night. We both woke up early in the morning wide awake and sleepless. Erin was begging me to see Get Him To The Greek with her. I couldn’t because I had the dance rehearsal. She suggested going to one of the morning shows. We ended up going to the 10:05 am show and NOBODY was in the theater.. so we had fun with it. Erin sat at the very top and I sat in the very bottom row and worked my way up switching seats throughout the movie. We had races during commercials; jumping over all the rows of seats and seeing who could make it to the bottom first. We even played tag for a bit. The movie was hilarious. I think I’ma see that one again.


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I went over to my sisters house today.
I was bored.
Nothing to do.
When I arrived, she was really stressed out so I made myself at home ;)
I was just trying to stay out of her way.
I took some chips from the cupboard, put my feet up on the coffee table and began to watch tv.
I then made my way to the computer.
She came into the room with Sav.
She said

Well, you look comfy

I replied.

Why yes, thank you. I am.

She then got b*cthy.
She went on about how useless I was.
How rude I was to walk into her house and not even offer to help.
I tried to explain to her.
But no.
We started to argue.
It got really loud.
When I could come up with nothing else to say,
I said something.
But how I wished I’d never said it.

Oh go f*ck your husband.

Oh, the things she did to me after I said that.
Don’t worry peoples.
I have learned my lesson.
I won’t ever say that again.


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Happy Birthday Dev

Today is Devin’s 18th birthday… great… Why the sarcasm? Because I didn’t remember till an hour ago and I can’t even celebrate it properly since I’m supposed to “lay-low” for 3 weeks. Yesterday wasn’t that bad but now, I’m really starting to hate the words “Lay-low”, ugh!
Dev was over today and Kara brought up that St. Pats day was today and I remembered that Devin’s birthday IS on saint Pat’s day.
I got mad at him for not reminding me. Please don’t think that I can’t even remember my own boyfriends birthday, I’m still “crazy from the meds” right now (Cam says that) so I need a little bit of help… or a lot of help.
So I gave him his gifts and there was one more that I hid for some reason, I can’t remember, and I can’t remember where I put it either. Dev, you may be getting that at christmas :P I’m “crazy”, I tell ya!
I was wathcing TLC last night and I saw the special with the Jones Quintuplets. I enjoyed that, especially since Jon and Kate plus 8 isn’t on anymore, I miss the show :(

Anyway, they are a family with a daughter who is 6 or something named Eliot and then they had quintuplets which were 4 girls and a boy. Poor little guy. He’s the only guy out of 6 kids.

Brooklyn - Britton - Jack - Lila - Ryan

He’s kind of in the same place as Jonathan since he has us 5 sisters and Joel doesn’t live with us anymore so we won’t count him. Ashley is also gone but Cameryn took her place. I feel for the kid.

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Well last night, I had to take out the garbage. I went upstairs to get the garbage from the bathroom and guess what I found. A pregnancy test.

A PREGNANCY TEST THAT SAID “PREGNANT”. I don’t think that my mom is pregnant since she’s too old. Chloe and Kara can’t possibly be pregnant cuz…well, if one of them is then they are in a lot of trouble. It can’t be Ashley because if she did take a test then it would be in the garbage at her house and it is definitely NOT me. So who’s left…hmm…aha, its Laura. Though Laura has always been really mature and if you knew her, this would be the last mistake that you would ever possibly think she’d make.

What I did when I found the pregnancy test? Well, the first thing I did was confront Laura about it and believe me, she was not in the mood for it. I pretty much walked into her room and said: “I found this” then she told me to mind my own business. How in the hell was I suppose to “mind my own business” when my sister was pregnant???? We yelled at eachother a little more and then she told me all the details.

Just to sum it up for you, nobody knows except for her, Max and now me of course. I asked about whats going on with Max since I haven’t seen or heard from him for the past couple of weeks other then school. Even at school they haven’t been acting normal. She just said that they were both really stressed about the “situation” and that they don’t no what to do about it though abortion is not an option for them. She made me swear for like 20 minutes not to tell ANYONE. Honestly, when she is planning on tell our parents, I don’t no but I am 99% sure that I will be the one to blurt it out.

Thats about all I no other then she is 6 weeks…or is it 7? I’m not sure. I’ll update later,

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Hi, my name is Olivia Lacky (you can call me Livi) and I am a junior in highschool. I don’t really have a reason for starting this blog other then me being bored on this particular day (December 30, 2009). I’ve been thinking about it for a little while and the idea of having my own blog seemed…interesting. I was planning on starting it in the new year of 2010 but I just couldn’t wait. So welcome to my blog about anything and everything worth writing about that goes on in my life.

About me:

So, my name is Olivia, I’ve already mentioned that. My parents names are Elise and Matthew. I have an older brother named Joel who is 26. Joel has a wife named Grace and a son named Ethan Matthew who is almost 2. Grace is 32 weeks pregnant with another baby boy who will be joining the family very soon. I have an older sister named Ashley who is 24. She has a husband named Scott (they are “newly weds”)and a 3 month old baby girl named Savannah Elise Hall. I have another older sister named Laura who is 17 and she has a boyfriend named Max. And I have younger (girl/boy/girl) triplet siblings named Kara, Jonathan and Chloe who are all 13.

So um….now what? Oh, well two of our highschool in our city are going to be “mushed” together just after christmas break. Almost a year ago they started expanding our school and in January the other highschool will be “moving in” with us since both of the schools have a small population so it just makes more sense to put us all together. And that’s about all I have to blog about for now.



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