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Cameryn and I were heading for the cafeteria today at lunch. Randomly, and without thinking, I yelled out MARCO? and it was loud. Everyone heard. Embarrasing!!

It must of had something to do with the conversation I had the period before with a dude about the game Marco, Polo.

Cam then said “What the hell was that for? Great! People are looking”. Right after Cam finished “getting mad at me”, we heard someone yell “POLO!!!” from down the hall. Rachel comes running over and says “can we do it again?”.

I now know who my true best friend is.

Love ya Ray Ray!


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First off, isn’t that a pretty picture?

One of my aunts will be running in the Boston Marathon this year so my parents, Laura, triplets, Cam and I are all headin’ up to Boston for the weekend! Avery may be coming too. Unfortunately, Chloe’s bringing the video camera so she can continue to film us for her project. Great…

Now, if you would just take a look at the blog hit counter which can be found on the right sidebar you will see that it says 1,238 hits meaning that I have had exactly 1,238 people visit my blog.

The last time I took a look at that thing, I wasn’t even at 800 yet and now I’m in the thousands.

I’ve always thought that my blog was another one of those “nobody cares about your blog” blogs because I never get any comments, EVER! But someones gotta be reading this if I’ve hit that many in the last 4 months… right?

Do me a favour and let me know that you read m’blog, it would make me VERY happy :)

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It’s Friday and I don’t have to work tonight! Cam, Avery and I will be going over to Erin’s to watch Criminal Minds, I’ve got Erin hooked too. (A&E @ 7:00 pm) Cam’s just going cuz it’s something to do.
Cameryn and Luke have been having some relationship problems lately mostly because Luke hasn’t spent anytime with his gf or daughter and when Cam asked him if he could take Avery for a night this weekend he said no just because he doesn’t want to. He’s only spent one night with them and that was the night they came home from the hospital. Poor Cami hasn’t had a break :(
Chloe & Kara are going to see Hedley tonight with some friends and I’m REALLY jealous, I wanna go but at least I get to watch me some Criminal Minds.
I was creeping some Tumblr blogs and I found this song that I really like it!! It’s Us by Regina Spektor. It was also in the movie 500 days of Summer so I recognize it.
It’s my happy song :p

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Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter :)

Yesterday we drove up to my grandparents’ house where all of our relatives would be. Because their house is way too small to fit all of us at night, we have to stay in a crappy motel that..

“smells like pickles” -Quote from Kara

and because there’s so many of us, Laura, Kara, Chloe and I all have to share one room with two very small beds. I ended up sleeping on a broken cot which is where I’ll likely end up tonight (insert mad face here).

Lost the link, sorry! If it is yours, tell me :)

On the bright side, some of our cousins surprised us with their new dog named Tilly, she’s really cute.
Today we’re all going out to a brunch which is actually very soon so I’d  better hurry and finish this post :p Tomorrow morning, at this time we will be returning home to our lovely and very missed city.

Cameryn stayed back at home with Luke. All of his relatives were coming down to his place for easter so they could see Avery. Though most of them have never even met Cameryn before so she was very nervous about that.

So you’d think that because it’s Easter, I’d be posting Easter pictures, right? Well sorry. I was on We Heart It earlier and I just fell in love with these umbrella pictures.

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Have you ever had a dream that you were sitting on a giant golden toilet having a pee… and then you wake up? I did last night.

Even if you haven’t, I think you can all guess what happens once you wake up… 

I love, LOVE pictures!!!!

Simple pleasures of mine:

♥  Getting caught in the rain just as long as my hair doesn’t get ruined

♥  Receiving a letter and/or a package in the mail

♥  When my favourite song comes on the radio

♥  Waking up in the middle of the night thinking it’s time to get up for something you don’t want to go to (like school)but then realizing you have 3 more hours of sleep left

♥  Putting on clothes straight from the dryer

♥  Laughing so hard, your sides hurt

♥  Running through a big open field as fast as you can in your bare feet

♥  The smell of gasoline in a garage

♥  Holding hands with someone you love

♥  Crying because your so happy

♥ Dancing and singing terribly at the top of your lungs

Lost the link :(

I’ve been quite… fragile lately. Sure, I guess you could say that.

~ I went to warm some food up but the microwave wouldn’t start.
I cried for no reason.

~ I went to get a pair of jeans from the dryer but they were still wet.
I had tears in my eyes.

~ Kara spilled a little but of water on me.
I got mad at her, went upstairs and then almost cried

I don’t know whats wrong with me because there is nothing wrong. I am happy. I have a boyfriend who I love. I’m almost done healing from my surgery.  I’m back dancing. I’m working again. I’m at school. Cameryn had a baby and she’s adorable.

Gorgeous, ain’t it? Unfortunatly, I don’t have the link!

Criminal Minds is on tonight at 7:00 pm on A&E
Watch it.
Love it.
Leave a comment HERE about it.
And thank me later.

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Don't look at me!

It was time for me to go back to school today. You know, these past two weeks, I have never ever wanted to go to school so badly because I was bored out of my mind and stuck with a complaining pregnant lady but now that Avery has arrived and they’re all home, I wouldn’t have minded staying home today at all… or for the rest week. 

So what’s with the title you may ask? Well, on this particular day which I have to return to my lovely school, I inconveniently developed a zit on my forehead. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a zit. Now, why it couldn’t have popped up any other day within the past 2 weeks is a question I am still asking myself so do yourselves a favour and don’t look at me!

I have a zit :'(

Remember how I was telling you about Erin’s boyfriend Tyler who broke up with her through text because he was supposedly in love with the girl named Kimberly who I said had multiple boyfriends all at once? Well to some-what prove my point to you, Erin and I caught “Kimmy Baby” kissin’ another guy today at lunch which Tyler had no idea about. If I ever caught one of my friends’ girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on the other then what I would do is tell them of course but because I don’t like Tyler, I’ll just let him figure it out for himself. Erin was really pissed off about it because she can’t believe Tyler would break up with her for someone like Kim. I don’t blame her and I feel really bad for her. Aw, Erin :(

Cameryn and Avery came home last night from the hospital and we had lots of friends and family over to see the baby. Cam put Avery in her crib once she fell asleep for the night but stood around the room for a couple of minutes and then picked her right back up again. She just couldn’t leave her, aw, so sweet.

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I thought I would do a little update on Cam, Luke and Avery. The doctor says they should be able to go home tomorrow night and if not, then Monday morning at the latest.
We’ve all agreed that Avery looks A LOT like Cameryn, the eyes especially. Can you believe that Luke and Cameryn are parents? Uh, it’s just so weird to me but I think they’re going to do a wonderful job. Luke just can’t get enough of her but I don’t blame him cuz she is just so damn cute.
Cam’s not sure if she wants to post pictures yet so I’ll have to wait until she gives me the go ahead or not.

Now for my new favourite song:

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