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It was Canada Day on July first. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know what Canada day is, lol. A bunch of friends and myself spent the whole day downtown and it was so very crowded. We were very into it this year as we ran around with matching outfits. The girls all wore red shorts and a white tank top with the word “Eh?” written on it in red (If you don’t know what “eh” is, it’s just a stereotype for Canadians) and the guys all wore huge Canada flags tied around their necks like capes along with whatever else they could scrounge. Good times.
Yesterday, I spent the whole day at Allie & Ale’s pool with all our friends. I was still in my clothes when Danny picked Brooke and I up and tossed us in. Oh, we got our revenge :D

These next two weeks, I will be getting up early in the morning and spending my days as a camp councilor, chasing after 8 and 9 year olds. Joy.

And that concludes todays post :)


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Avery Jane Brentin

She’s here, I just finished holding her and she is so damn gorgeous.
Avery Jane Brentin
7lbs 10oz
19 inches
4:07 pm

Aw, I’m so proud of both of them and they did so well during those long 11 hours of labor. I’m surprised Luke made it :P
Cam and Luke spent about 20 minutes alone in their room before anyone got to see and hold her. The “grand parents”, including my parents got to go in first and then they let in everyone else.
The hospital was pretty crowded with family and lots of friends from school. Danny and Mason got themselves kicked out of the hospital by a nurse because they were throwing a ball around and “rough housing” (spelling?). That was pretty funny, poor guys!

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Good Timing

I’ve been quite “busy” lately. Well actually I’ve been spending most of my time finding ways to get out of the house.

I did end up telling my mom where I really was on Valentine’s day night. She wanted to know his name but the deal (if you could call it that) was to tell her where I was and then I could leave the house. No name!

Yesterday, our school volleyball team, which Rachel, Erin and myself are on, had a tournament. Nikki and Cam came to watch. We won second…eh!

Now you’ve probably been asking yourself what “Good Timing” is all about. Well, I am a dancer. I’ve been one ever since I was three. Started out as a ballerina, moved onto Jazz, did Contemporary and now I do everything. Okay, not everything… but a lot! That clarifies things, doesn’t it? Well, my partner, also known as Danny but not my friend Danny who I’ve already mentioned, the other Danny. Let’s just call him Dancer Danny or Danny#2. YEAH! Danny#2 works! Well, he got hurt back in December of 09 but now he is back and ready to start dancing with ME again. Lord, how I’ve missed my dance!!! So, we started rehearsing last wednesday, felt good and it was also a good excuse to get out of the house! My parents are still not the happiest people to be around :s

If you look at the sidebar, you will see a new ticker that is counting up the days that Dev and I have been together. Right now, it’s been five!!!!!

So yeah, that pretty much covers my past week since Tuesday when I last updated. Oh, Violet and Grace came home from the hospital Tuesday night, there is somethin’. Um… Laura is 10 weeks preggers today, there is somethin’ else. Now I’m just babbling so I guess I’ll end my post now, lucky you!!! Haha!

Love the lovely

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Apparently when I was still sleeping this morning, Cameryn discovered my blog and so she started one too. I can’t guarantee you that she will actually continue to update it but we will see.

I  just got back from the movies about half an hour ago, we ended up seeing Daybreakers. Nikki and I both thought it was scary but she had her boyfriend Kyle to “protect her”. Lucky her.

At one point, I jumped up cuz I got scared and I spilled my drink onto Danny and me. Yeah, that was embarrasing…Sorry about that Danny, lol. Now Laura’s pissed off at me cuz I wore her shirt to the movies without asking and I stained it. Now she’s making me wash it and if it doesn’t come out then I have to buy her a new one and it was really expensive. On my behalf, I think it looks way better on me:)

Umm…..Cam’s staying the night again and that’s about it. Oh and sorry that I keep updating so much, I just love blogging :D

Till Tomorrow,

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Cami’s coming over later on for the night and tomorrow, a bunch of us (Erin, Rachel, Cam, Nikki, Brooke, Amie, Danny, Tyler, Kyle and I) are meeting up at the movies to see…<insert movie title here>…well actually we haven’t decided on what were going to see yet but I do know that we will definitely be going, lol.
Cameryn is one of my closest friends, we have known each other since kindergarten. Cam has never met her dad and her mom could care less about her. She’s always out…somewhere so Cameryn has always been alone. One time when we were 7, Cam and I made up a plan to adopt her into our family. Cameryn was planning on changing her name to Cameryn Marie Lacky…that was a fail, haha.

A couple of months ago, her and this guy got “together” and she ended up getting pregnant. The guy that she got pregnant with has sex with a different girl like every week (pardon my language) and he has already made it clear that he wants nothing to do with her or the baby. Her mom doesn’t give a damn (again, sorry for my language) that shes pregnant and she probably won’t be around for when her baby is born but our family will. My parents have always treated Cam like their own because she’s ALWAYS around and she has never had that “responsible parent figure” at home (like my parents always say).

Everyone just looks at her like she’s “another one of those teen sluts who got pregnant at a young age”‘ but she is not. Yes, she did get pregnant early but she is no where near a slut.

So Cameryn is expecting a baby girl sometime around March 26th. My mom and I have been going to all the ultra-sounds with her ever since we found out she was pregnant. Cami actually told me first and I promised that I wouldn’t tell anyone including my parents but that didn’t last long. I told my parents as soon as she told me and they had a loonnngggg “talk” with her. Cameryn keeps saying that she wants my parents to play the role of the grandparents. Apparently she doesn’t want her mother anywhere near her baby which is kind of sad but I think we all see her point.

We all know that she will be the best mother that she can be.



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