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Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I’ve been extremely busy studying as it was finals week last week. Eh, I didn’t do as well as I thought I would. It was Brookie’s birthday on the first of June then my older brother celebrated his birthday on the third. Happy birthday to you guys. I’ve also been very busy with dance; some performances and a competition coming up meaning lots and lots of rehearsals. And I still have to work too. I’ve barely spent any time with my friends or even my boyfriend. Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing planned so I’m spending the entire day with Dev :) Just me and him.

My mom made me go to the grocery store to pick up a few things on Wednesday night. I really didn’t want to go because I was tired, I had to study and I felt like she was being unreasonable so I forced Chloe to come with me just to piss her off. I do that a lot. If I am mad about something, I’ll sometimes make someone else (one of my siblings) mad too just to somewhat satisfy myself. Yes guys, I am that much of a bitch.
Because I was in a rush to get into the grocery store and get out, I was moving quickly. I walked straight into the automatic sliding doors. So, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never underestimate those doors. Just because they’re automatic doesn’t mean they’ll open for you at the right moment.

I now have a bump on my forehead. Looks great.


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Hey guys! Sorry, but I really don’t have time for a real update. I’ve been working lots and I’ve had dance rehearsals almost everyday since last week. Just so busy.

Anyway, this is a commercial I saw last time I was at the movies. I love it :)

Oh, and I forced Devin to watch the 2 hour season finale of Grey’s Anatomy with me. OMFG, it was sooo good.

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Last night, I told my brother that I would be home around 10:30 pm cuz Dev and I were going to the movies. The movie ended earlier than we thought it would so we just went back to Dev’s house.

When I got home, which was around 12, I walked in the door and Jonathan was sitting on the stairs waiting for me.
Jonathan: You said you’d be home by 10:30. Olivia, it’s 12.
Have you been sittin’ there all this time?
Yeah, i texted you!
I had my phone off during the movie and I forgot to turn it back on. Sorry hun.
Next time, text me when your gonna be out late, okay?
 Aww, you were worried about me?
.. No.
Admit it, you love me!!
 -_- (the death stare)

He’s waited up for Laura too. Aww, he’s sucha sweetie but when you call him that, he gives you the -_- glare, haha!

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Well hello there, my lovely darlings. Today I am just so unbelievably happy that my internet is working again. On Sunday, it decided to stop on me and it’s been 6 days since I’ve last had access to it.

Post Edit:

I no I said that I’d be writing a post tomorrow cuz I’m busy tonight but I have some time :)
Chloe, Kara & Jonathan turned 14 on Tesday and for their birthday, they got phones. Laura and I agreed that we’ve never seen them so happy when getting a present, lol. You should of seen their faces, especially Chlo’s.
Kara’s volleyball team made it to nationals so Laura took her and they’ll be back home on Sunday, I think. My parents are in New York for the weekend, one of my dads presents to my mom for her birthday. I promised Chloe I’d take her shopping tomorrow but now I wish I hadn’t promised her anything, eh. Oh well.


Dev and I are going to the movies tonight, not sure which one though.

Now I gotta go,

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Happy 16th Birthday Paigee Waigee!!

Paige is Devin’s sister, if y’all are wonderin’. She is the funniest girl you could possibly meet. Good god, I love her so much! I’ve been thinking and I really would like Paige and Rachel to meet eachother cuz they are so much a like and they don’t even know it. I just think they would be really good friends if they do.

Erin started a blog yesterday, I’m so proud! Just click here! Also, I know Chloe & Kara have started one too cuz I saw them writing a post on the computer but they closed it so fast, I couldn’t see what the title or the url was. I am determined to find it, just give me a few days!

Now for the next episode of My Life as Liz!
I figured out episode 9 of MLAL which is the next episode is the last episode of Season One so I probably should of started posting these videos from the very first one up and up.
Any who, here y’all go :)


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Remember my post a while back when Erin’s boyfriend Tyler broke up with her for a sl*t named Kim? And then another post when Erin and I caught Kim making out with another guy who was not Tyler? Well guess what happened today!? Kim broke up with Tyler in front of everyone. I actually feel bad about this, so does Erin. Poor guy looked so stupid :(

Nikki’s over here right now along with her sis Alexa who happens to be Chloe & Kara’s friend. Nikki just noticed that Lex is wearing her shirt and they’re arguing about it. Hell, I noticed it was Nikki’s the moment I saw her but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna hear them fight. Here we go.. :/

I found this quote/picture a while ago (first picture above), then I lost it but found it again :D Isn’t it the sweetest thing ever?

I was at Dev’s house yesterday and his cat Lulu climbed on to his lap. Not even a minute after she showed up, she puked all over him and it was quite a bit of puke for a small kitty. Devin got mad and hit her away.

Paige then says “It’s not her fault, don’t hurt her”.

Devin replies “How was it not her fault? She puked on me!”.

Paige then replies “It’s not her fault that she hates you, you’re so mean to her. And it was only a hairball, no big deal”

Devin says “That was not just a hairball! Are you blind Paige? I’m full off the cats crap! Someone has been feeding her lots of our food”

Paige says “Okay okay, I may of given her a fair portion of my dinner. I didn’t like those meatballs.. and I didn’t want to waste any food. You know Devin, there are lots of people dying of starvation, we are lucky to have what we have and you should be more appreciative”

Haha, they’re soo funny when they argue. I just can’t stop laughing. Paige tells me that they have a bad relationship- Dev and the cat, lol!

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I don't have a link!

Hello my dear readers, I am back!

Our trip to Boston was amazing and we had so much fun. Seriously, we did!

From some past posts I’ve written have been about my experiences on getting lost in new and big places. Guess what guys?! This is another one of those posts but this time I, I mean we, got lost in Boston.

Sunday, our parents agreed to let Laura, the triplets and I take the subway to downtown Boston to do some shopping. Alone. Please keep in mind that where we live, we have no subway or any form of under ground transportation. For public transportation here, we use busses which go around and around the city. It’s a pretty simple system but the Boston subway system -also known as the “T”– is quite different and complex from what we are used to.

With the help of a near-by security guard, we managed to but our T train tickets through this ticket machine.. thing. Once you have your ticket, you’re supposed to put it in the hole, take it back out and walk through the doors once your ticket has been read. I tried it differently. Because I had already bought my ticket, I thought the next step was to just walk to the doors and they would automatically open up like the ones at the grocery store but nope, that’s not how it works.

Is this yours? Let me know!

After watching someone experienced do it, I soon figured it out which held back the line behind me. There are some pretty impatient people in Boston.

Luckily we got on the right train but it was really, really, really, busy so we were scattered all over the place. Kara and Jono got two seats, Laura and I were squished against the walls on opposite ends and I really have no idea where Chloe ended up. The train stopped at one stop and Laura half told me, half yelled over the people that this was where we get off so what do I do? I listen to my sister and I get off the train of course.

The next thing I know is I’m standing in the train station while Laura and the trips continue to ride the train to the next station.

My next move is to call Laura on her cell but I remembered her telling me in the hotel room before we left that “she forgot to charge it so it’s out of juice” and the triplets don’t have cellphones yet. The next best thing to do is to ask for directions but I am the WORST with that. I got Cam and I shipped off an hour away one time when we first started talking the city bus across town.

No link!

I decided to just wait for the next train to come and try to spot out one of my siblings. Good plan Olivia because eventually, I located Chloe who was just sitting on the train alone without Laura or Jono or Kara. I got on with her and she said “Everyone just left without telling me. It made me sad”. Hahaha, that really made me laugh.

So, we decided to stay on the train and keep going around and around Boston. Nothing else we could do, right? After a little while, I noticed Laura standing at one of the stations. She got on the train but Kara and Jono weren’t with her.

Now to end this very long and over-detailed post, we ended up finding Kara and Jono in the train car next to us.

School tomorrow, ew! But I get to see Devin! I missed him :)

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