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Haven’t had a real update in a little bit because I’m still insanely busy. I have a dance competition on the coming Saturday. We had a long, and I mean long rehearsal yesterday. It started at 2 and we didn’t finish until 9:30 ish. That’s cuz we suck like shit. We all need to be back for another rehearsal today for 11:30 which I have to take off work for. I was supposed to start work at 1. Only god knows how long this one will last. My body is exhausted. I just wanna lay down and die. fgdfdsdfhb.

The triplets are graduating grade 8 in a little over a week. Chloe has a dress already but Kara doesn’t. She absolutely hates getting dressed up so she’s been very difficult during the whole process of finding her a dress or skirt. My mom has tried taking her shopping plenty of times, so has Ashley, so has Laura and now it’s my turn. It’s just NO NO NO to everything. Kara be prepared because tomorrow night we are going dress shopping whether you like it or not and we will NOT be coming home until we find one. Understood?

Erin slept over Friday night. We both woke up early in the morning wide awake and sleepless. Erin was begging me to see Get Him To The Greek with her. I couldn’t because I had the dance rehearsal. She suggested going to one of the morning shows. We ended up going to the 10:05 am show and NOBODY was in the theater.. so we had fun with it. Erin sat at the very top and I sat in the very bottom row and worked my way up switching seats throughout the movie. We had races during commercials; jumping over all the rows of seats and seeing who could make it to the bottom first. We even played tag for a bit. The movie was hilarious. I think I’ma see that one again.


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I came upstairs to do my homework right after dinner. Yeah.. that was an hour and a half ago. What have I been doing? I’ve been crazy in-love with reading the MyLifeIsAverage website. Thank you Erin for showing it to me. Next time you’re bored then I highly suggest you pay MLIA a visit.

So during that time of procrastinating, I found a really good one that I would love to share with you. It’s not one of the many “funny”ones that I’ve come across but it is just so damn frigging smart!!!!

“Today, in order to send my friend Erika a letter without using a stamp i put my address as the destination and put her’s in the return address. they “returned” it to her because it had no stamp. I feel like i have beat the system. MLIA”

Amazing, eh? I will definitely be trying that sometime soon.

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Happy mothers day Mommy :) But we can’t celebrate it with her because she’s in New York… Great weekend to pick your trip, dad! Also, Happy 18th Birthday Max!
Last night was a really good night. Uh huh, it was. Chloe had some friends over for a sleepover including Nikki’s lil’sis. I told them I would be at Ray’s house until 10:30, then I’d be on my way home.

I guess we were all in the mood to act like we were 8 last night because that’s what we did. We got bored so we decided to scare Chloe, Alexa and the rest of their friends who were staying the night. 

Nikki texted her sis to see what they were up to, they were watching a horror movie.
That’s the best time to scare your younger sibling(s), when they’re watching a horror movie, at night, in the basement. You should be able to agree with me on that one, right?
We got Erin to prank call the house since she can do this really creepy voice that you would never be able to tell it was her.

Chloe: Allo?

Hello Chloe.

Who’s this?


Chloe: Who? What’s your name?

Oh, that’s not important.
Chloe: …can I help you with something?
Erin: I just want to talk to you. How are you doing?
Chloe: Uh.. bye!
We waited 5 minutes to call back again. Chloe answered all freaked out so then Alexa took the phone.
Alexa: Who the hell is this? What the f*ck do you want?.
Erin: Would your mother really want you saying the f word? What about your sister? Would she?
Alexa: How in hell do you know I have a sister?
Erin: Now now Alexa, mind your tongue please.

Lex hung up.
We drove over to the house, Ray rang the doorbell and ran back to the car parked down the street. Right when Ray got back to the car, my cellphone rang. It was Chloe calling.
Chloe: Liv, you have to come home NOW. Someone’s calling the house and ringing the doorbell and they know things about us and we’re scared. Come home please! Liv!!

Oh my god Chloe, it’s probably just Jono and his friends.

No! It’s not him. Liv come home!

While I was still on the phone with her, I heard Jonathan come down the stairs and Chlo started telling him what was going on. He asked to speak to me and when Chloe was out of ear shot, he said “Nice Liv. I’ma play along”. Smart boy caught on. I was truly proud.

He let us in through the back door. Brooke and Nikki hid in my parents’ bedroom, Erin hid in the kitchen, I hid in the main bathroom and Ray stayed outside. Nikki & Brooke made a huge bang sound from upstairs then Ray rang the doorbell again.


All you could here was the girls screaming and freaking out. From what I could see from the bathroom, Alexa had her arms rapped around Jono’s neck (they’re good friends) and she refused to let go. 

Poor girls were so scared that they were all in tears.
Jonathan: Okay, I’m scared.
Alexa: What? You’re not supposed to be scared.
Chloe: Be a man Jonathan.
Jonathan: You be.. a lady!
(Not the best come back from him but it works)

The doorbell rang again and they all screamed. Jonathan walked over and opened the door. Rachel was standing there acting oblivious to the situation.
Rachel: Heey guys, where’s Liv? (in her english accent)
Jonathan: She was supposed to be at your house!?!
Chloe: Oh my god! Someone was at the door ringing our doorbell and they were calling us and.. and… they probably have Liv and.. and.. (she started crying)
Rachel: No, Liv’s left an hour ago. Come down guys!
Taylor: They’re coming to get us!!
Rachel: WHO?
Taylor: The person who took Olivia, the one that was calling us!
Rachel: Oh, her. I wouldn’t worry about that.
Selena: What?
Alexa: What do you mean?
Rachel: GIRLS!



Then we all came out of our hiding spots and they were so mad, especially Lex and Chlo. Nikki said “Well that was fun, right Jonathan?”. When Alexa found out he was a part of it, she turned red, obviously embarrased. Nikki and I think they like eachother.

Oh, we had so much fun but Chloe’s still mad at me. I can live with that.

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Happy 16th Birthday Paigee Waigee!!

Paige is Devin’s sister, if y’all are wonderin’. She is the funniest girl you could possibly meet. Good god, I love her so much! I’ve been thinking and I really would like Paige and Rachel to meet eachother cuz they are so much a like and they don’t even know it. I just think they would be really good friends if they do.

Erin started a blog yesterday, I’m so proud! Just click here! Also, I know Chloe & Kara have started one too cuz I saw them writing a post on the computer but they closed it so fast, I couldn’t see what the title or the url was. I am determined to find it, just give me a few days!

Now for the next episode of My Life as Liz!
I figured out episode 9 of MLAL which is the next episode is the last episode of Season One so I probably should of started posting these videos from the very first one up and up.
Any who, here y’all go :)


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Remember my post a while back when Erin’s boyfriend Tyler broke up with her for a sl*t named Kim? And then another post when Erin and I caught Kim making out with another guy who was not Tyler? Well guess what happened today!? Kim broke up with Tyler in front of everyone. I actually feel bad about this, so does Erin. Poor guy looked so stupid :(

Nikki’s over here right now along with her sis Alexa who happens to be Chloe & Kara’s friend. Nikki just noticed that Lex is wearing her shirt and they’re arguing about it. Hell, I noticed it was Nikki’s the moment I saw her but I didn’t say anything because I didn’t wanna hear them fight. Here we go.. :/

I found this quote/picture a while ago (first picture above), then I lost it but found it again :D Isn’t it the sweetest thing ever?

I was at Dev’s house yesterday and his cat Lulu climbed on to his lap. Not even a minute after she showed up, she puked all over him and it was quite a bit of puke for a small kitty. Devin got mad and hit her away.

Paige then says “It’s not her fault, don’t hurt her”.

Devin replies “How was it not her fault? She puked on me!”.

Paige then replies “It’s not her fault that she hates you, you’re so mean to her. And it was only a hairball, no big deal”

Devin says “That was not just a hairball! Are you blind Paige? I’m full off the cats crap! Someone has been feeding her lots of our food”

Paige says “Okay okay, I may of given her a fair portion of my dinner. I didn’t like those meatballs.. and I didn’t want to waste any food. You know Devin, there are lots of people dying of starvation, we are lucky to have what we have and you should be more appreciative”

Haha, they’re soo funny when they argue. I just can’t stop laughing. Paige tells me that they have a bad relationship- Dev and the cat, lol!

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It’s Friday and I don’t have to work tonight! Cam, Avery and I will be going over to Erin’s to watch Criminal Minds, I’ve got Erin hooked too. (A&E @ 7:00 pm) Cam’s just going cuz it’s something to do.
Cameryn and Luke have been having some relationship problems lately mostly because Luke hasn’t spent anytime with his gf or daughter and when Cam asked him if he could take Avery for a night this weekend he said no just because he doesn’t want to. He’s only spent one night with them and that was the night they came home from the hospital. Poor Cami hasn’t had a break :(
Chloe & Kara are going to see Hedley tonight with some friends and I’m REALLY jealous, I wanna go but at least I get to watch me some Criminal Minds.
I was creeping some Tumblr blogs and I found this song that I really like it!! It’s Us by Regina Spektor. It was also in the movie 500 days of Summer so I recognize it.
It’s my happy song :p

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Don't look at me!

It was time for me to go back to school today. You know, these past two weeks, I have never ever wanted to go to school so badly because I was bored out of my mind and stuck with a complaining pregnant lady but now that Avery has arrived and they’re all home, I wouldn’t have minded staying home today at all… or for the rest week. 

So what’s with the title you may ask? Well, on this particular day which I have to return to my lovely school, I inconveniently developed a zit on my forehead. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, a zit. Now, why it couldn’t have popped up any other day within the past 2 weeks is a question I am still asking myself so do yourselves a favour and don’t look at me!

I have a zit :'(

Remember how I was telling you about Erin’s boyfriend Tyler who broke up with her through text because he was supposedly in love with the girl named Kimberly who I said had multiple boyfriends all at once? Well to some-what prove my point to you, Erin and I caught “Kimmy Baby” kissin’ another guy today at lunch which Tyler had no idea about. If I ever caught one of my friends’ girlfriend or boyfriend cheating on the other then what I would do is tell them of course but because I don’t like Tyler, I’ll just let him figure it out for himself. Erin was really pissed off about it because she can’t believe Tyler would break up with her for someone like Kim. I don’t blame her and I feel really bad for her. Aw, Erin :(

Cameryn and Avery came home last night from the hospital and we had lots of friends and family over to see the baby. Cam put Avery in her crib once she fell asleep for the night but stood around the room for a couple of minutes and then picked her right back up again. She just couldn’t leave her, aw, so sweet.

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