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Sorry about “my” last post. Ray used her”gift” and hacked onto my account. Don’t ask! I think I’m gonna keep it though because it’s a funny story written in Ray’s weird way. She’s on odd one that girl.

We have a long weekend this weekend. No school on Monday, yay. Most of my moms side came over yesterday, lots of kids! And my dads side will be coming today which is good for Laura and I cuz our cousins are around our age.

A few posts ago, I wrote about a story my mom told us about when we were little. I have another one!!

The story:
Laura and I have a love/hate relationship. We’ll either get along great or we’ll hate each other. It has ALWAYS been like that. When she was 5 and I was 4, we were fighting over who got to use the crayons first instead of actually sharing. We refused to share. It eventually became physical- I hit her then she pushed me to the ground. Our parents separated us and my mom said “What am I going to do with the two of you to make you stop fighting? All you two can do is fight, fight, fight and we’ve had enough”. I think it was meant to be a rhetorical question but I replied anyway. “Um… chocolate” and Laura agreed. My dad asked what chocolate had to do with what we were talking about. Without missing a beat, Laura said “Chocolate will make us stop fighting. Wight, Olivia?”. My mom replied “Uh huh, nice try girls. No chocolate”. So Laura hit me and I hit her back.

Apparently my dad told my mom that he thought he should by us some chocolate.

We were some smart kids.


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