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Good Timing

I’ve been quite “busy” lately. Well actually I’ve been spending most of my time finding ways to get out of the house.

I did end up telling my mom where I really was on Valentine’s day night. She wanted to know his name but the deal (if you could call it that) was to tell her where I was and then I could leave the house. No name!

Yesterday, our school volleyball team, which Rachel, Erin and myself are on, had a tournament. Nikki and Cam came to watch. We won second…eh!

Now you’ve probably been asking yourself what “Good Timing” is all about. Well, I am a dancer. I’ve been one ever since I was three. Started out as a ballerina, moved onto Jazz, did Contemporary and now I do everything. Okay, not everything… but a lot! That clarifies things, doesn’t it? Well, my partner, also known as Danny but not my friend Danny who I’ve already mentioned, the other Danny. Let’s just call him Dancer Danny or Danny#2. YEAH! Danny#2 works! Well, he got hurt back in December of 09 but now he is back and ready to start dancing with ME again. Lord, how I’ve missed my dance!!! So, we started rehearsing last wednesday, felt good and it was also a good excuse to get out of the house! My parents are still not the happiest people to be around :s

If you look at the sidebar, you will see a new ticker that is counting up the days that Dev and I have been together. Right now, it’s been five!!!!!

So yeah, that pretty much covers my past week since Tuesday when I last updated. Oh, Violet and Grace came home from the hospital Tuesday night, there is somethin’. Um… Laura is 10 weeks preggers today, there is somethin’ else. Now I’m just babbling so I guess I’ll end my post now, lucky you!!! Haha!

Love the lovely


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Well last night was probably the best night of my life!!!! I went over to Dev’s house so I just told my parents that I was going to Rachel’s meanwhile Cam was going to cover for me at home. <-Such great friends. Plus, they we’re so wrapped up with Grace and the baby that they wouldn’t of even noticed that I was gone :)

When I got to his house, he gave me some roses, chocolates but the really expensive kind and a kiss on the cheek which made me very very very happy

After about the first hour I was there, his mom pulled up in the driveway and non of our parents we’re spposed to no whats going on (not that we’re doing “bad” things cuz we’re not) so what do I do? Well, they have a couch that is kiddy-cornered against the wall so I jumped over it and hid behind that. His mom comes in but thank god she doesn’t stay, she just forgot her wallet. Once she left, Devin started walking around the house calling my name. It was so funny cuz he didn’t see me hide so I guess he thought that I left him! < Never!

We we’re on his laptop, sitting on the couch when Paige, who was supposed to be at her friends house for the night, walks in. The first words out of her mouth: “Aww, are you guys like a “thing” now? Well don’t do anything naughty!” I love that girl, lol!

Dev and I we’re going to watch a movie on demand but we got carried away with something else! Don’t worry, it was nothing bad, let me explain:

He got up to go to the kitchen for some reason, I followed him. When he turned around, I just went for it and we kept going after that. After a couple, I asked: “So are we like a “thing” now?” and he said “can we be?”. Uh, yeah we can!!!!!! Those we’re the best words yet out of his mouth :D

It was a really good night but then Cam texted me saying that she wants me home by 10:00. I was like what??, you ain’t my mother and then we argued a little more and I got to stay t’ill 10:30. Yeah, she thinks she’s my mother. Apparently my mom did ask her where I was at some point so she had to lie which would of gotten us both in trouble.

When I got home, Cami slapped me! Why? I dunno!

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It’s a GIRL!!!!!! Ethan, you have a sister!

Grace went into labour around 3:30 am this morning, pushed for about 10 minutes without an epidural and then the “supposed to be boy came out”. The first thing the doctor yelled was: “It’s a GIRL!”  Grace is on “cloud nine” right now. She really wanted a girl though she would of been very happy with another boy. Joel is a very proud daddy right now, lol!

Quote from Joel to Violet: “Vivi, I’m your daddy! Yes I am! I’m your daddy and you’re not a boy!” ~Joel

Violet Grace Lacky
February 14, 2010/Valentine’s Day!
1:14 pm
7 lbs 1 oz
18 inches


I think Violet it the sweetest name! I just got a chance to hold and gosh, she’s so small. She likes to stick her tongue out a lot, lol! Savannah has a new playmate to hangout with :)

I’ve already told her that I was going to be her favourite aunt…just like I told Ethan and Savannah when they arrived. Ethan says that Laura is his favourite aunt…things will change, haha!

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I just found out that Grace went into labour early this morning. Ethan’s brother is coming!!!!!!!!!!! Grace’s due-date is the 16th of Feb. but oh well, he’s coming two days early.

My parents are already up at the hospial and Laura and I will be going up later on but whatever happens, I’m still going to Dev’s house tonight! I have to!

Oh my god, I’m soooo excited!! I’ll update when the baby arrives!

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Just a quick post since I’m leaving for work soon.
Grace went to the doctor today for another check up. The doctor said that he is 90% sure that it is NOT twins. He hears only ONE heartbeat and he can only see ONE baby so looks like she’s having her little boy…that she was originally having. They will be naming him Logan Richard (Richard after Grace’s dad) and that is all I no!

Devin and I are gonna go to the movies this friday since were both not working on that day. Not sure what movie were going to see yet though. I’m just a really happy girl right now who can’t stop smiling :)

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I’m going to try to explain this the best I can. Sorry if it makes no sense.

Throughout Grace’s pregnancy, her belly has always been a little bigger compared to other mothers who are expecting one. They have gone for multiple ultra-sounds to see if it could be twins but in each ultra-sound, it always comes up as one baby. So the doctors came to the explaination that Grace is just carrying a lot of water.

Grace and Joel went for another ultra-sound today and the doctor said that he thinks there is another baby in there since he thinks he saw a third hand. Plus it does make sense because Grace is abnormally big for someone who is expecting just one. So now we’re guessing that its twins:O

After Cam’s done work at 3:00, her, Rachel and I are going to see another movie. I think “Up in the Air” but I’m not sure.

Till Later On Tonight (probably), lol


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Hi, my name is Olivia Lacky (you can call me Livi) and I am a junior in highschool. I don’t really have a reason for starting this blog other then me being bored on this particular day (December 30, 2009). I’ve been thinking about it for a little while and the idea of having my own blog seemed…interesting. I was planning on starting it in the new year of 2010 but I just couldn’t wait. So welcome to my blog about anything and everything worth writing about that goes on in my life.

About me:

So, my name is Olivia, I’ve already mentioned that. My parents names are Elise and Matthew. I have an older brother named Joel who is 26. Joel has a wife named Grace and a son named Ethan Matthew who is almost 2. Grace is 32 weeks pregnant with another baby boy who will be joining the family very soon. I have an older sister named Ashley who is 24. She has a husband named Scott (they are “newly weds”)and a 3 month old baby girl named Savannah Elise Hall. I have another older sister named Laura who is 17 and she has a boyfriend named Max. And I have younger (girl/boy/girl) triplet siblings named Kara, Jonathan and Chloe who are all 13.

So um….now what? Oh, well two of our highschool in our city are going to be “mushed” together just after christmas break. Almost a year ago they started expanding our school and in January the other highschool will be “moving in” with us since both of the schools have a small population so it just makes more sense to put us all together. And that’s about all I have to blog about for now.



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