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I’ve been noticing that whenever someone leaves a comment on a post of mine, that post will sometimes automatically be erased. It happened with two older posts and the one that I previously wrote yesterday. This. Is. Annoying.

I have another baby story for ya :D! Okay so, when I was 3 and Laura was 4, we were colouring at the kitchen table. I went to get off my chair to get something when I tripped and fell. I started crying and ran to mommy who was in the living room. I told her that Laura hurt me so my mom went to give Laura shit for it. When she did, Laura denied it saying she never touched me, which was true. Now I had a history of blaming everything on my siblings especially on Laura.

My mom believed her and put me in timeout. While I was standing in timeout and my mom was out of view, Laura came and hit me twice. When I told my mom what had happened, Laura denied it and of course, my mom didn’t believe me and I was in timeout again for “lying”.

After my mom finished telling us this story at dinner a few nights ago, Laura admitted that she did hit me the second time. Did I get an apology from my mother for putting me in timeout again for lying? Nope.


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