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Haven’t had a real update in a little bit because I’m still insanely busy. I have a dance competition on the coming Saturday. We had a long, and I mean long rehearsal yesterday. It started at 2 and we didn’t finish until 9:30 ish. That’s cuz we suck like shit. We all need to be back for another rehearsal today for 11:30 which I have to take off work for. I was supposed to start work at 1. Only god knows how long this one will last. My body is exhausted. I just wanna lay down and die. fgdfdsdfhb.

The triplets are graduating grade 8 in a little over a week. Chloe has a dress already but Kara doesn’t. She absolutely hates getting dressed up so she’s been very difficult during the whole process of finding her a dress or skirt. My mom has tried taking her shopping plenty of times, so has Ashley, so has Laura and now it’s my turn. It’s just NO NO NO to everything. Kara be prepared because tomorrow night we are going dress shopping whether you like it or not and we will NOT be coming home until we find one. Understood?

Erin slept over Friday night. We both woke up early in the morning wide awake and sleepless. Erin was begging me to see Get Him To The Greek with her. I couldn’t because I had the dance rehearsal. She suggested going to one of the morning shows. We ended up going to the 10:05 am show and NOBODY was in the theater.. so we had fun with it. Erin sat at the very top and I sat in the very bottom row and worked my way up switching seats throughout the movie. We had races during commercials; jumping over all the rows of seats and seeing who could make it to the bottom first. We even played tag for a bit. The movie was hilarious. I think I’ma see that one again.


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Laura and I went to Subway (yum) today and as we got out of the car, we noticed a women on some form of crutches who was struggling to get up the couple of steps. She couldn’t raise her crippled leg high enough to make the stairs so she politely asked a man passing by on his cell phone if she could have some help. He rudely replied “Can you not see I’m on the phone?” and walked away.

Personally, I think that’s a very rude thing to say to someone who was simply asking for help. We went ahead and helped her up the stairs. She thanked us and offered to buy us some Subway but we no.

I found this clip on a tumblr site and I think it’s truly inspiring; had me in tears so I encourage you to click HERE and watch. I believe its message is something we all need to hear.

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I’ve been noticing that whenever someone leaves a comment on a post of mine, that post will sometimes automatically be erased. It happened with two older posts and the one that I previously wrote yesterday. This. Is. Annoying.

I have another baby story for ya :D! Okay so, when I was 3 and Laura was 4, we were colouring at the kitchen table. I went to get off my chair to get something when I tripped and fell. I started crying and ran to mommy who was in the living room. I told her that Laura hurt me so my mom went to give Laura shit for it. When she did, Laura denied it saying she never touched me, which was true. Now I had a history of blaming everything on my siblings especially on Laura.

My mom believed her and put me in timeout. While I was standing in timeout and my mom was out of view, Laura came and hit me twice. When I told my mom what had happened, Laura denied it and of course, my mom didn’t believe me and I was in timeout again for “lying”.

After my mom finished telling us this story at dinner a few nights ago, Laura admitted that she did hit me the second time. Did I get an apology from my mother for putting me in timeout again for lying? Nope.

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I was rudely awakened last night by none other than Chloe and Kara. It was around 2 pm when they came running in to my bedroom, woke me up telling me that someone was in the house. 

Because I was basically half asleep as this whole situation was happening, I don’t remember all of the details. 

Before I could say anything, we heard the sound of a door opening then closing. It wasn’t the front door but one of the small doors leading to the kitchen. It happened again. They absolutely freaked out. I’ll admit that I was a little scared too. 

They said that someone should go downstairs to investigate. Obviously they meant me. I found some “stuff” in my bedroom that I could use as a weapon if needed including some high heels and clothes hangers. Yeah, those would really save me from a knife or gun. 

As we headed down the stairs, the girls following behind me, we noticed that the kitchen light was on and so was the basements. The front door was still locked and it looked as if it hadn’t been tampered with (too many CSI and Criminal Minds shows). 

I went around the corner towards the kitchen and by that time, I was shaking cuz I was so scared.

No one was in the frigging kitchen. 

The three of us stood around for a while, still investigating the main area of the house when we heard the sounds of feet running up the basement stairs. Scariest. Thing. Ever. 

Laura then appeared at the stop of the staircase laughing. Our family’s messed up.

Apparently Laura came downstairs to get something to eat but she heard Kara and Chloe awake and freaking out cuz they heard noises so Laura decided to freak em out. Why the girls decided to wake me up and not our parents?! IDK! 

Screw you, Laura.

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Sorry about “my” last post. Ray used her”gift” and hacked onto my account. Don’t ask! I think I’m gonna keep it though because it’s a funny story written in Ray’s weird way. She’s on odd one that girl.

We have a long weekend this weekend. No school on Monday, yay. Most of my moms side came over yesterday, lots of kids! And my dads side will be coming today which is good for Laura and I cuz our cousins are around our age.

A few posts ago, I wrote about a story my mom told us about when we were little. I have another one!!

The story:
Laura and I have a love/hate relationship. We’ll either get along great or we’ll hate each other. It has ALWAYS been like that. When she was 5 and I was 4, we were fighting over who got to use the crayons first instead of actually sharing. We refused to share. It eventually became physical- I hit her then she pushed me to the ground. Our parents separated us and my mom said “What am I going to do with the two of you to make you stop fighting? All you two can do is fight, fight, fight and we’ve had enough”. I think it was meant to be a rhetorical question but I replied anyway. “Um… chocolate” and Laura agreed. My dad asked what chocolate had to do with what we were talking about. Without missing a beat, Laura said “Chocolate will make us stop fighting. Wight, Olivia?”. My mom replied “Uh huh, nice try girls. No chocolate”. So Laura hit me and I hit her back.

Apparently my dad told my mom that he thought he should by us some chocolate.

We were some smart kids.

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We went out for dinner tonight as a family thing and my mom was telling us some stories of the funny things that we would do and say when we were little.
I have a couple of stories but I think I’ll spread them out a little and tell you the rest later for when I have nothing to post about :)

Story #1
When the triplets were born, Laura was 4 and I was about 3. Jonathan was the baby to come home first. I didn’t like the idea of not being the baby anymore (being the widdle-est) so I wasn’t too fond of him. I would try to throw things at him landing me a ticket to time-out.
When Kara and Chloe came home almost 2 weeks later, my mom asked us what we thought of our new brother and sisters. Apparently I asked: “When are day (they) goin’ back?”. While my parents were laughing, Laura said “But I wanna keep da boy. Da girls can go. Okay?”.

That was the only thing Laura and I could ever agree on.

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I don't have a link!

Hello my dear readers, I am back!

Our trip to Boston was amazing and we had so much fun. Seriously, we did!

From some past posts I’ve written have been about my experiences on getting lost in new and big places. Guess what guys?! This is another one of those posts but this time I, I mean we, got lost in Boston.

Sunday, our parents agreed to let Laura, the triplets and I take the subway to downtown Boston to do some shopping. Alone. Please keep in mind that where we live, we have no subway or any form of under ground transportation. For public transportation here, we use busses which go around and around the city. It’s a pretty simple system but the Boston subway system -also known as the “T”– is quite different and complex from what we are used to.

With the help of a near-by security guard, we managed to but our T train tickets through this ticket machine.. thing. Once you have your ticket, you’re supposed to put it in the hole, take it back out and walk through the doors once your ticket has been read. I tried it differently. Because I had already bought my ticket, I thought the next step was to just walk to the doors and they would automatically open up like the ones at the grocery store but nope, that’s not how it works.

Is this yours? Let me know!

After watching someone experienced do it, I soon figured it out which held back the line behind me. There are some pretty impatient people in Boston.

Luckily we got on the right train but it was really, really, really, busy so we were scattered all over the place. Kara and Jono got two seats, Laura and I were squished against the walls on opposite ends and I really have no idea where Chloe ended up. The train stopped at one stop and Laura half told me, half yelled over the people that this was where we get off so what do I do? I listen to my sister and I get off the train of course.

The next thing I know is I’m standing in the train station while Laura and the trips continue to ride the train to the next station.

My next move is to call Laura on her cell but I remembered her telling me in the hotel room before we left that “she forgot to charge it so it’s out of juice” and the triplets don’t have cellphones yet. The next best thing to do is to ask for directions but I am the WORST with that. I got Cam and I shipped off an hour away one time when we first started talking the city bus across town.

No link!

I decided to just wait for the next train to come and try to spot out one of my siblings. Good plan Olivia because eventually, I located Chloe who was just sitting on the train alone without Laura or Jono or Kara. I got on with her and she said “Everyone just left without telling me. It made me sad”. Hahaha, that really made me laugh.

So, we decided to stay on the train and keep going around and around Boston. Nothing else we could do, right? After a little while, I noticed Laura standing at one of the stations. She got on the train but Kara and Jono weren’t with her.

Now to end this very long and over-detailed post, we ended up finding Kara and Jono in the train car next to us.

School tomorrow, ew! But I get to see Devin! I missed him :)

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