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My science partner right now is a dude named Cory. He’s a nice guy, kinda quiet though I don’t know him all that well.

We were doing experiments today and he accidently squirted water on me with those “suck things”.. 

(I forget what they’re called so lets just call them a suck thingy. You’ve probably seen them before as they are used a lot to give medicine to kids. It’s shaped kind of like a needle!? Anyone know what I’m talking about)

He immediately apologized but I didn’t care. I was all wet so I squirted him back. He looked at me, obviously wondering why I would squirt him back, after all, it was all just an accident and he did apologize.

“You squirted me and now you deserved to be wet too” was what I said to him.

He said nothing and got back to working on our experiment so I did the same.

He loaded up the suck thingy again with more water and squirted it into the container. He went to load it up again. I started asking myself what he was doing because all we needed was 2 ounces. We both knew that.

Before I could react, he pointed the suck thingy at me and squirted then just smiled and got back to work.

Our teacher came over and asked us why we were all wet and, as if on cue, we pointed at each other. As soon as he left, we both loaded our suck thingies with water and lay them down on the counter, ready for our next water fight.

Touché my friend.

I have a new kind of respect for this guy.. and science class. Can’t wait until tomorrow.


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Happy mothers day Mommy :) But we can’t celebrate it with her because she’s in New York… Great weekend to pick your trip, dad! Also, Happy 18th Birthday Max!
Last night was a really good night. Uh huh, it was. Chloe had some friends over for a sleepover including Nikki’s lil’sis. I told them I would be at Ray’s house until 10:30, then I’d be on my way home.

I guess we were all in the mood to act like we were 8 last night because that’s what we did. We got bored so we decided to scare Chloe, Alexa and the rest of their friends who were staying the night. 

Nikki texted her sis to see what they were up to, they were watching a horror movie.
That’s the best time to scare your younger sibling(s), when they’re watching a horror movie, at night, in the basement. You should be able to agree with me on that one, right?
We got Erin to prank call the house since she can do this really creepy voice that you would never be able to tell it was her.

Chloe: Allo?

Hello Chloe.

Who’s this?


Chloe: Who? What’s your name?

Oh, that’s not important.
Chloe: …can I help you with something?
Erin: I just want to talk to you. How are you doing?
Chloe: Uh.. bye!
We waited 5 minutes to call back again. Chloe answered all freaked out so then Alexa took the phone.
Alexa: Who the hell is this? What the f*ck do you want?.
Erin: Would your mother really want you saying the f word? What about your sister? Would she?
Alexa: How in hell do you know I have a sister?
Erin: Now now Alexa, mind your tongue please.

Lex hung up.
We drove over to the house, Ray rang the doorbell and ran back to the car parked down the street. Right when Ray got back to the car, my cellphone rang. It was Chloe calling.
Chloe: Liv, you have to come home NOW. Someone’s calling the house and ringing the doorbell and they know things about us and we’re scared. Come home please! Liv!!

Oh my god Chloe, it’s probably just Jono and his friends.

No! It’s not him. Liv come home!

While I was still on the phone with her, I heard Jonathan come down the stairs and Chlo started telling him what was going on. He asked to speak to me and when Chloe was out of ear shot, he said “Nice Liv. I’ma play along”. Smart boy caught on. I was truly proud.

He let us in through the back door. Brooke and Nikki hid in my parents’ bedroom, Erin hid in the kitchen, I hid in the main bathroom and Ray stayed outside. Nikki & Brooke made a huge bang sound from upstairs then Ray rang the doorbell again.


All you could here was the girls screaming and freaking out. From what I could see from the bathroom, Alexa had her arms rapped around Jono’s neck (they’re good friends) and she refused to let go. 

Poor girls were so scared that they were all in tears.
Jonathan: Okay, I’m scared.
Alexa: What? You’re not supposed to be scared.
Chloe: Be a man Jonathan.
Jonathan: You be.. a lady!
(Not the best come back from him but it works)

The doorbell rang again and they all screamed. Jonathan walked over and opened the door. Rachel was standing there acting oblivious to the situation.
Rachel: Heey guys, where’s Liv? (in her english accent)
Jonathan: She was supposed to be at your house!?!
Chloe: Oh my god! Someone was at the door ringing our doorbell and they were calling us and.. and… they probably have Liv and.. and.. (she started crying)
Rachel: No, Liv’s left an hour ago. Come down guys!
Taylor: They’re coming to get us!!
Rachel: WHO?
Taylor: The person who took Olivia, the one that was calling us!
Rachel: Oh, her. I wouldn’t worry about that.
Selena: What?
Alexa: What do you mean?
Rachel: GIRLS!



Then we all came out of our hiding spots and they were so mad, especially Lex and Chlo. Nikki said “Well that was fun, right Jonathan?”. When Alexa found out he was a part of it, she turned red, obviously embarrased. Nikki and I think they like eachother.

Oh, we had so much fun but Chloe’s still mad at me. I can live with that.

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A fantastic idea!

Ever since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been reading a blog called A Chick Named Hermia which I discovered on the WordPress homepage where it was once featured. Everyday, her blog is the first thing I check, very excited to read her latest post.

Yesterday, I read her newest post.

“The thing is though sometimes you have a bad day or a bad week or a bad month, and you feel like you’ll explode if you can’t tell someone about it!

You want feedback, you want sympathy, you want advice, but you don’t want anyone you know to know about this issue, in case you hurt someone’s feelings or makes things worse or feel like people will think badly of you.”


Out of that, she came up with a wonderful idea to make a site where people can summit their rants but they can do it anonymously.

HERE is the post with the link where you can leave an anonymous rant :)

I might just try this out myself!

Tomorrow we are off to Boston so you probably won’t hear from me for another 5 days but please do not abandon me.. whoever is out there. Come back :) 

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First off, isn’t that a pretty picture?

One of my aunts will be running in the Boston Marathon this year so my parents, Laura, triplets, Cam and I are all headin’ up to Boston for the weekend! Avery may be coming too. Unfortunately, Chloe’s bringing the video camera so she can continue to film us for her project. Great…

Now, if you would just take a look at the blog hit counter which can be found on the right sidebar you will see that it says 1,238 hits meaning that I have had exactly 1,238 people visit my blog.

The last time I took a look at that thing, I wasn’t even at 800 yet and now I’m in the thousands.

I’ve always thought that my blog was another one of those “nobody cares about your blog” blogs because I never get any comments, EVER! But someones gotta be reading this if I’ve hit that many in the last 4 months… right?

Do me a favour and let me know that you read m’blog, it would make me VERY happy :)

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It’s Friday and I don’t have to work tonight! Cam, Avery and I will be going over to Erin’s to watch Criminal Minds, I’ve got Erin hooked too. (A&E @ 7:00 pm) Cam’s just going cuz it’s something to do.
Cameryn and Luke have been having some relationship problems lately mostly because Luke hasn’t spent anytime with his gf or daughter and when Cam asked him if he could take Avery for a night this weekend he said no just because he doesn’t want to. He’s only spent one night with them and that was the night they came home from the hospital. Poor Cami hasn’t had a break :(
Chloe & Kara are going to see Hedley tonight with some friends and I’m REALLY jealous, I wanna go but at least I get to watch me some Criminal Minds.
I was creeping some Tumblr blogs and I found this song that I really like it!! It’s Us by Regina Spektor. It was also in the movie 500 days of Summer so I recognize it.
It’s my happy song :p

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Nope, I didn’t make a typo in the title. Ale is our nickname for Amie because her initials spell A.L.E. It’s pronounced like Ginger Ale. Anyway, it’s their birthday today and we’re going out tonight to celebrate :) Gonna be fun!!!

(Insert link here)

Today is day 2 of filming (read post below) and they have REALLY gotten on both my and Laura’s nerves. This little project of theirs has turned into a “Let’s see how much we can annoy Laura and Livi today” production. UGH!!!

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Happy Easter

I hope everyone is having a fabulous Easter :)

Yesterday we drove up to my grandparents’ house where all of our relatives would be. Because their house is way too small to fit all of us at night, we have to stay in a crappy motel that..

“smells like pickles” -Quote from Kara

and because there’s so many of us, Laura, Kara, Chloe and I all have to share one room with two very small beds. I ended up sleeping on a broken cot which is where I’ll likely end up tonight (insert mad face here).

Lost the link, sorry! If it is yours, tell me :)

On the bright side, some of our cousins surprised us with their new dog named Tilly, she’s really cute.
Today we’re all going out to a brunch which is actually very soon so I’d  better hurry and finish this post :p Tomorrow morning, at this time we will be returning home to our lovely and very missed city.

Cameryn stayed back at home with Luke. All of his relatives were coming down to his place for easter so they could see Avery. Though most of them have never even met Cameryn before so she was very nervous about that.

So you’d think that because it’s Easter, I’d be posting Easter pictures, right? Well sorry. I was on We Heart It earlier and I just fell in love with these umbrella pictures.

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