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This made me cry ;)

Somehow I clicked on a link that brought me to a video of a dad who was in Iraq for a year, surprising his 9-year-old daughter at school. I literally bawled my eyes out after watching THIS video several times over again.

I’ve spent the last little while watching other videos similar to this one and they’ve made me realize how lucky I am to have my dad/mom around.

I think I’m gonna go watch it again :)


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Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I’ve been extremely busy studying as it was finals week last week. Eh, I didn’t do as well as I thought I would. It was Brookie’s birthday on the first of June then my older brother celebrated his birthday on the third. Happy birthday to you guys. I’ve also been very busy with dance; some performances and a competition coming up meaning lots and lots of rehearsals. And I still have to work too. I’ve barely spent any time with my friends or even my boyfriend. Tomorrow I have absolutely nothing planned so I’m spending the entire day with Dev :) Just me and him.

My mom made me go to the grocery store to pick up a few things on Wednesday night. I really didn’t want to go because I was tired, I had to study and I felt like she was being unreasonable so I forced Chloe to come with me just to piss her off. I do that a lot. If I am mad about something, I’ll sometimes make someone else (one of my siblings) mad too just to somewhat satisfy myself. Yes guys, I am that much of a bitch.
Because I was in a rush to get into the grocery store and get out, I was moving quickly. I walked straight into the automatic sliding doors. So, I’ve learnt my lesson. Never underestimate those doors. Just because they’re automatic doesn’t mean they’ll open for you at the right moment.

I now have a bump on my forehead. Looks great.

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I’ve been noticing that whenever someone leaves a comment on a post of mine, that post will sometimes automatically be erased. It happened with two older posts and the one that I previously wrote yesterday. This. Is. Annoying.

I have another baby story for ya :D! Okay so, when I was 3 and Laura was 4, we were colouring at the kitchen table. I went to get off my chair to get something when I tripped and fell. I started crying and ran to mommy who was in the living room. I told her that Laura hurt me so my mom went to give Laura shit for it. When she did, Laura denied it saying she never touched me, which was true. Now I had a history of blaming everything on my siblings especially on Laura.

My mom believed her and put me in timeout. While I was standing in timeout and my mom was out of view, Laura came and hit me twice. When I told my mom what had happened, Laura denied it and of course, my mom didn’t believe me and I was in timeout again for “lying”.

After my mom finished telling us this story at dinner a few nights ago, Laura admitted that she did hit me the second time. Did I get an apology from my mother for putting me in timeout again for lying? Nope.

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Sorry about “my” last post. Ray used her”gift” and hacked onto my account. Don’t ask! I think I’m gonna keep it though because it’s a funny story written in Ray’s weird way. She’s on odd one that girl.

We have a long weekend this weekend. No school on Monday, yay. Most of my moms side came over yesterday, lots of kids! And my dads side will be coming today which is good for Laura and I cuz our cousins are around our age.

A few posts ago, I wrote about a story my mom told us about when we were little. I have another one!!

The story:
Laura and I have a love/hate relationship. We’ll either get along great or we’ll hate each other. It has ALWAYS been like that. When she was 5 and I was 4, we were fighting over who got to use the crayons first instead of actually sharing. We refused to share. It eventually became physical- I hit her then she pushed me to the ground. Our parents separated us and my mom said “What am I going to do with the two of you to make you stop fighting? All you two can do is fight, fight, fight and we’ve had enough”. I think it was meant to be a rhetorical question but I replied anyway. “Um… chocolate” and Laura agreed. My dad asked what chocolate had to do with what we were talking about. Without missing a beat, Laura said “Chocolate will make us stop fighting. Wight, Olivia?”. My mom replied “Uh huh, nice try girls. No chocolate”. So Laura hit me and I hit her back.

Apparently my dad told my mom that he thought he should by us some chocolate.

We were some smart kids.

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Happy mothers day Mommy :) But we can’t celebrate it with her because she’s in New York… Great weekend to pick your trip, dad! Also, Happy 18th Birthday Max!
Last night was a really good night. Uh huh, it was. Chloe had some friends over for a sleepover including Nikki’s lil’sis. I told them I would be at Ray’s house until 10:30, then I’d be on my way home.

I guess we were all in the mood to act like we were 8 last night because that’s what we did. We got bored so we decided to scare Chloe, Alexa and the rest of their friends who were staying the night. 

Nikki texted her sis to see what they were up to, they were watching a horror movie.
That’s the best time to scare your younger sibling(s), when they’re watching a horror movie, at night, in the basement. You should be able to agree with me on that one, right?
We got Erin to prank call the house since she can do this really creepy voice that you would never be able to tell it was her.

Chloe: Allo?

Hello Chloe.

Who’s this?


Chloe: Who? What’s your name?

Oh, that’s not important.
Chloe: …can I help you with something?
Erin: I just want to talk to you. How are you doing?
Chloe: Uh.. bye!
We waited 5 minutes to call back again. Chloe answered all freaked out so then Alexa took the phone.
Alexa: Who the hell is this? What the f*ck do you want?.
Erin: Would your mother really want you saying the f word? What about your sister? Would she?
Alexa: How in hell do you know I have a sister?
Erin: Now now Alexa, mind your tongue please.

Lex hung up.
We drove over to the house, Ray rang the doorbell and ran back to the car parked down the street. Right when Ray got back to the car, my cellphone rang. It was Chloe calling.
Chloe: Liv, you have to come home NOW. Someone’s calling the house and ringing the doorbell and they know things about us and we’re scared. Come home please! Liv!!

Oh my god Chloe, it’s probably just Jono and his friends.

No! It’s not him. Liv come home!

While I was still on the phone with her, I heard Jonathan come down the stairs and Chlo started telling him what was going on. He asked to speak to me and when Chloe was out of ear shot, he said “Nice Liv. I’ma play along”. Smart boy caught on. I was truly proud.

He let us in through the back door. Brooke and Nikki hid in my parents’ bedroom, Erin hid in the kitchen, I hid in the main bathroom and Ray stayed outside. Nikki & Brooke made a huge bang sound from upstairs then Ray rang the doorbell again.


All you could here was the girls screaming and freaking out. From what I could see from the bathroom, Alexa had her arms rapped around Jono’s neck (they’re good friends) and she refused to let go. 

Poor girls were so scared that they were all in tears.
Jonathan: Okay, I’m scared.
Alexa: What? You’re not supposed to be scared.
Chloe: Be a man Jonathan.
Jonathan: You be.. a lady!
(Not the best come back from him but it works)

The doorbell rang again and they all screamed. Jonathan walked over and opened the door. Rachel was standing there acting oblivious to the situation.
Rachel: Heey guys, where’s Liv? (in her english accent)
Jonathan: She was supposed to be at your house!?!
Chloe: Oh my god! Someone was at the door ringing our doorbell and they were calling us and.. and… they probably have Liv and.. and.. (she started crying)
Rachel: No, Liv’s left an hour ago. Come down guys!
Taylor: They’re coming to get us!!
Rachel: WHO?
Taylor: The person who took Olivia, the one that was calling us!
Rachel: Oh, her. I wouldn’t worry about that.
Selena: What?
Alexa: What do you mean?
Rachel: GIRLS!



Then we all came out of our hiding spots and they were so mad, especially Lex and Chlo. Nikki said “Well that was fun, right Jonathan?”. When Alexa found out he was a part of it, she turned red, obviously embarrased. Nikki and I think they like eachother.

Oh, we had so much fun but Chloe’s still mad at me. I can live with that.

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First off, isn’t that a pretty picture?

One of my aunts will be running in the Boston Marathon this year so my parents, Laura, triplets, Cam and I are all headin’ up to Boston for the weekend! Avery may be coming too. Unfortunately, Chloe’s bringing the video camera so she can continue to film us for her project. Great…

Now, if you would just take a look at the blog hit counter which can be found on the right sidebar you will see that it says 1,238 hits meaning that I have had exactly 1,238 people visit my blog.

The last time I took a look at that thing, I wasn’t even at 800 yet and now I’m in the thousands.

I’ve always thought that my blog was another one of those “nobody cares about your blog” blogs because I never get any comments, EVER! But someones gotta be reading this if I’ve hit that many in the last 4 months… right?

Do me a favour and let me know that you read m’blog, it would make me VERY happy :)

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