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Okay, okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve been neglecting my blog. It’s just because I’m so busy. School ends this Friday, thank god and tonight is the triplets’ grade 8 graduation. Remember when I wrote about Kara not wanting to shop for dresses? Well I forced her to go shopping with Chloe and I. It was hard enough to just get her into the car and we ended up finding one all thanks to moi. It’s a simple sun dress with white, yellow, blue, pink and green flowers on it. It’s really cute, I love it.

While Kara was trying on the dress:

Me: So, do yeah like it?
Kara: (grumpy) No.
Me: Do you wanna get it?
Kara: … Yeah.
Me: So you do like it?
Kara: No!
Chloe: You do like it, you just don’t wanna admit it.
Kara: I don’t like it.
Me: You hate then?
Kara: … I don’t like it.
Me: Then we won’t get it. We’ll keep shopping until we do find something you like.
Kara: .. fine..
Chloe: For god sakes, you love it, I can tell through our twin telepathy. Get the damn dress.

Well put Chloe. We got the “damn” dress. Kara was just being her usually self; stubborn as ever. And btw, they don’t have twin telepathy. They just tell people they do to freak them out.


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Well hello there, my lovely darlings. Today I am just so unbelievably happy that my internet is working again. On Sunday, it decided to stop on me and it’s been 6 days since I’ve last had access to it.

Post Edit:

I no I said that I’d be writing a post tomorrow cuz I’m busy tonight but I have some time :)
Chloe, Kara & Jonathan turned 14 on Tesday and for their birthday, they got phones. Laura and I agreed that we’ve never seen them so happy when getting a present, lol. You should of seen their faces, especially Chlo’s.
Kara’s volleyball team made it to nationals so Laura took her and they’ll be back home on Sunday, I think. My parents are in New York for the weekend, one of my dads presents to my mom for her birthday. I promised Chloe I’d take her shopping tomorrow but now I wish I hadn’t promised her anything, eh. Oh well.


Dev and I are going to the movies tonight, not sure which one though.

Now I gotta go,

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