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Poor guy :(

Devin and I were at Starbucks today getting me some coffee and there was a little bit of a line. A couple of people down, there was a couple about our age, maybe a little older. His girlfriend was like pawing at him and she was complaining about how he was being cheap, how her valentine’s day gifts weren’t expensive and how the restaurant they went to on valentine’s day wasn’t fancy enough. She also went on about how her ex-boyfriend gave better gifts.
Everyone was listening to her ramble on and her boyfriend, probably ex now, looked so embarrased. Devin and I looked at eachother and he said, quote: “Please don’t ever do that to me”. Aww, I would never!
I really felt bad for the guy. I hope for his sake… and hers that he broke up with her outside the coffee place right then and there in front of everyone. If not then my advice to him/you (if your reading this) is do it soon!!!!!

Before I finished this post I’d like to say Happy 23ird B-day Ashley Greene. Yes yes, I am a Twilight fan…!


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Taylor, I love you and all but your acting wasn’t the best in the movie though I did love the movie… which is a good thing.

Ooo… two posts in one day, not good!

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I just heard this song by pink and I’m in love with it :)

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I. Love. Pink.

Not the colour…well kinda yeah but that’s not what I mean.

I missed out on the Grammy’s Sunday night because I was working but I did catch a little bit of it at the restaurant. I was on Youtube a few minutes ago watching some of the performances. I just loved Pink’s performance. Amazing!

Just in case the video doesn’t work, here is a link that hopefully does. The link: http://www.iviewtube.com/v/119482/pink-live-performance-video-at-2010-grammy-awards

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